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Thread: Switch Fly Rods

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    I was under the impression that a switch rod is 10' and longer two handed rods in LIGHTER weights like 4, 5, 6. AND you could use regular line on them, instead of the grain.

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    Meiser's rods are perfect examples, as he basically invented the genre. They're generally 6-10 wt and 10'6" to 12' long. They will generally have grips arranged like a spey rod, though both will be proportionately shorter.

    Beulah makes some nice ones as well- Beulah Fly Rods - Switch Rods

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Switch rods- use both hands like a spey, or switch and use it one handed.
    Versitile enough to do both. Least that's what Meiser says.
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    Cabelas also makes some switch rods. They don't look great, IMHO, but they cast pretty well.


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    I believe the responses have cleared the mystery for you on the switch rod question. I'm not meaning to be the party pooper her but I started fishing the Salmon River when we had to fight with the snaggers for a spot to cast. In all of the years that I fished there I saw many fads for catching the fish come and go. I started with a 9' 9wt and stuck to my methods. I caught fish when fish were in the river and got skunked when there were none present in great numbers. When fishing for Kings I was always greatfull for my big stick when I was lucky enough to hook up to a big guy. I always fished at least a twenty pound leader even though the hook and snap bunch told me that my line would spook the fish. Somehow I managed to find enough careless fish to keep me coming back at least once or twice a year.

    The place never seemed to me to be one where I wanted to try to touch base with the more poetic side of Salmon fishing so I kept it simple. If I were in the mood to explore switch or spey type casting and lived where you do I would seek out a more sublime and traditional place to get my start, New Brunswick comes to mind. I would think that even Maine and some Landlocked Salmon on the Penobscot River or Kennebec would be good on a long line but mixing it up with the crowd on the Dougleston Stretch would not be my first choice.

    Please take no offense to my ponderance of opinion here, I'm just airing my thoughts. What type of tackle are you currently using to catch fish? If it's working then don't fix it.

    Good Luck,


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    I've got a Sage Z-Axis 7110-4/5 "switch" rod, but unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet. But I got it for the reasons expressed below, mainly flexibility in using either one or two hands. The two-handed Spey cast would be very useful in a lot of the situations I find myself in - trees or brush behind me, hampering a back cast yet needing the distance.

    I guess I should explain for those who don't know Sage's nomenclature that it is an 11' 7-weight 4-piece (with an extra tip I had made for it by Sage).
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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    ... as a side point on this.. especially since it was stated that a spey cast is usually used with a switch rod.. I did some looking up a long time ago and found yet another term in the arsenal of the fly fisherman.. and that is switch cast..

    now I was gonna post a link or two but realized that the ones I understood .. or almost understood.. are what would be considered competitive sites.. suffice it to say if you do a search on the switch cast you will see quite a few sites .. some with good videos..


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    How well would a Switch Rod work for Wipers?

    Been thinkin that often times when your chasing 'Boils', a little extra distance wouldn't hurt.
    So this type of rod could fit that niche' well, Don't you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fyshstykr View Post
    How well would a Switch Rod work for Wipers?

    Been thinkin that often times when your chasing 'Boils', a little extra distance wouldn't hurt.
    So this type of rod could fit that niche' well, Don't you think?
    I think that is the idea...more distance. When I met Dec Hogan at the pond, he had some Echo Switch rods for us to try...MAN! It was so easy. Put the butt in your belly and swing away. But also easy to cast one handed.

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    Let's get Willard back and give it a shot. Maybe Utah Lake?

    What about Carp?

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