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  1. Question St. Croix Reign Fly Rod 6 wt or 8 wt?

    Hi, i am new to fly fishing. I do trout fishing in small lakes most of the time.
    I have a 7wt Rio trout selective II line with a Berkely 2pc cherry wood rod.
    I want to upgrade my rod, thus, I went to Cabelas website where I found a good deal about St. Croix Reign Fly Rod 50%off. I am still a college student that my budget is low. St. Croix Reign Fly Rod do not have 7 wt rod.
    My question is if my 7 wt line would fit well with the 6wt. rod or 8 wt. rod?
    if yes, 6wt rod or 8 wt rod would be better?
    here is the link of the discount rod if any one is interested.
    thank you everyone!!!!

    Cabela's -- St. Croix Reign Fly Rods

  2. Default Re: St. Croix Reign Fly Rod 6 wt or 8 wt?

    That's a pretty complicated question, but if you need the six to load fast put the 7 line on it. I don't hear too much about going the other direction 7 line on 8 rod. It really isn't so simple. shannon

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    Default Re: St. Croix Reign Fly Rod 6 wt or 8 wt?


    I have no experience with that rod, but if you read the reviews on the Cabelas web site, most of the reviews are very positive and the sell price is very reasonablb. However, you say you do most of your fishing for trout on small lakes. I would think you would be better off with a 5 or 6 wt rod. A 7 or 8 would be better for steelhead or maybe bass fishing. Another thing you might consider is that they say this rod has a moderately fast tip. I would recommend that you look for a medium action rod, it will be much easier to learn to cast correctly.
    If your set on this rod then I would say go for the 6 wt.


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    Default Re: St. Croix Reign Fly Rod 6 wt or 8 wt?

    Can't answer your question since I'm new also. Just got on to say good find. Thanks for the info.

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    Can,t agree with Texasflyfisher more , don,t buy a #8 your line will never load it . Most rods can take one higher line than marked on the rod. I would only try this with a floating line though ,the pick up on a sinking line can stress the rod more that is good for it.
    Go for the #6 for now but depending on the size of your target speices you might want to go even lighter once you cash flow improves.
    Good luck and tight lines

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    Some years ago I bought a 5 wt. rod and put a 6 wt. line on it. I really liked it for stream and river fishing, however, when I went to the lakes it didn't work all that well. It was a little harder to get a good presentation with the 6 wt. line. The 5 wt. line worked a lot better for lake fishing for me.

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