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    Default Telescopic to straight stick?

    Alright, I know everybody is going to laugh, but I fish almost exclusively with a 9' 7/8 wt telescopic rod. It's a Shakespeare travel fly rod that I bought from the UK because they aren't available in the US. I got into the telescopic rod thing because I'm in the Navy and we have so little personal storage space aboard ships. I always took a rod with me on deployments just in case we ever got to have a "fish call" on the ship, or got to fish in foreign countries. I've been brand loyal to Shakespeare because I have caught loads of fish on that rod, and it has never failed me. Anyway, I'm on shore duty now and have lots of space here at the house. I'm looking to upgrade to a "normal" fly rod. One thing I do know is that Shakespeare's fly rods sold in the US are of significantly lower quality (plastic and foam versus metal and cork in the handle and real seat areas). So the question is, should I buy a UK version of a 9' 8 wt two or three piece Shakespeare, or is there a good quality, relatively inexpensive rod in the US market I can get?

    For a comparison, check out Shakespeare Fishing Tackle UK and Shakespeare Fishing Tackle US
    Different product lines with different quality for sure.

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    Default Re: Telescopic to straight stick?

    never been much of a Shakespeare fan, but do like St. Croix rods. even there cheap stick is real nice. My girlfreind uses that one. Runs around $100 i think. But then again as with everything else it comes down to personal choice.

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    Default Re: Telescopic to straight stick?

    Go to the Albright website and take a look
    Most rods and reels are 70% off... good quality too

    Then head down to Norwich Harbor for some great off-season striper fishing.
    Right now the fish are still down river closer to the base, but soon there will be tens of thousands of fish between the harbor and the Rt 2a bridge
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Cabelas has some rods on sale right now that might work for you. They have their brand as well as the St. Croix in four piece models on sale. They might be compact enough for you to take it with you even with limited space.


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    Default Re: Telescopic to straight stick?

    Cabela's also makes travel rod sets.

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    Default Re: Telescopic to straight stick?

    I took a peek at the websites you posted. And the quality does look much better on the equipment sold overseas, I wonder why they don't offer the higher quality product and more diverse product lines here?

    I recently bought a reel that was listed as a Pfleuger, kinda funny as I seen the same reel there under another brand name. Really am impressed with it's quality.

    You mentioned "Fish call on the ship", what does that mean?

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    Default Re: Telescopic to straight stick?

    Thanks for the input. I'll check out those deals. Bet I can find a good rod there. If not, at least there are a couple UK models I can get reasonable shipping on.

    Since you asked, fish call is when the ship slows down or drops anchor somewhere and the Captain lets us fish off the ship. I was always on carriers, so a fly rod was a pain, but it can be done. We would lower an aircraft elevator down close to the water and I would clear the area behind me so nobody got hit on the back cast.

    I also carried a Shakespeare telescopic spinning rod just in case, so that helped too. Like I said, I'm pretty brand loyal because I have NEVER lost a fish due to the rod. Sure, I've lost plenty due to my bad knot tying skills, poor drag setting, and personal ineptitude, but who hasn't?

    I have contacted Shakespeare USA to let them know they are missing the boat with quality in the US market. I don't expect to ever hear from them, but they really should consider that a foam grip and plastic reel seat just doesn't cut it.

    I noticed that the Pflueger reels and rods are sold as Shakespeare reels and rods in the UK. For instance, the Pflueger Trion is the Shakespeare Trion in Europe. Very strange, because the quality difference between Pflueger and Shakespeare in the US is fairly obvious. Well, the British Ugly Stik looks the same, and I've never broken one of those, come to think of it (aside from slamming the tailgate on one).

    Norwich Harbor, huh? I was convinced that all the stripers in that water were too small to keep. I've probably caught a thousand little ones on the Shetucket and Thames rivers. And I've thrown everything at them. Maybe it's just me. On the up side, I have pulled in some great smallies in the attempt.

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