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    i am kinda new to flyfishing been diong it for a year now i have a cheep 8wt rod with no drag dont get me wrong its fun sometims but other times it sucks i was wondering which would be better i do alot of bass fishing and steelhead fishing i would do alot of false casting for bass but alot of chuck and duck for steelhead bc of the river size and where i do alot of bass fishing there is alot of wind so would it be better for a tip flex or a medium flex i want a all purpose rod so if you could help me out with this i would really app. it thanks

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    I think you answered your own question. Wind and BIG BUGS would mean a tip flex or a faster rod. Plus I think they are easier to learn with (I am not saying that is what I teach, because I teach with mid to full flex rods so people learn to wait for it) I think fast action covers up allot of mistakes, so while it means it is not a great learning aid, it does sound like what you need.

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    thank you
    ya i was wondering on that bc i have talked to people i just want adive from people on what they think thank you for your replay

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