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tie one on 10-25-2005 11:02 AM

Type of Fly & Rod for Trout
For all you Fly Fishing Trout Hunters,

Which type of fly do you like best when hunting the river for Trout ?

I know that seasonal aspects come into play with this question, but you must have a favorite type of fly that you can always count on to bring them to bite
what you are serving.

Also, do you have a favorite weight/length rod to use for the them as well ?

I have a new 3 weight travel rod I have not gotten wet yet & was wondering if any of you use this light a rod for trout ? I planned on using this rod mainly for bluegill, since that was how my father taught me to fish for those little fighters.

Tie One On

BigCliff 10-25-2005 11:39 AM

Re: Type of Fly & Rod for Trout
If I had to pick one fly for trout it would probably be a peacock soft hackle. They can be fished deep with weight added or in the film as an emerger. I probably catch more fish on a Copper John, but its more specialized, as it seeks the bottom quickly.

A 3wt is a perfectly good trout rod, with some exceptions. As long as you're not after large fish (16"+) or fishing in heavy turbulent water, it should work just fine. A 3wt is very well suited to laying casts down gently on smooth water and not scaring fish.

Piscator 10-25-2005 03:07 PM

Re: Type of Fly & Rod for Trout
Big Cliff is correct about the presentation of the 3wt rod. It will work fine for small water and small fish situations. I have a Echo 3wt that works fine for trout in 10-16 inch range. Here is a post by our own The Full Creel that discusses some aspects of a small stream rod that you may find helpful. Its titled The Perfect Small Stream Fly Rod by Steve Robbins.

As far as the flies are concerned. Big Cliff likes the nyphing or wet fly fishing. I prefer dry fly fishing. I guess I have caught the most trout on a plain jane Caddis Fly. I have the following in my fly box: Caddis fly(olive & black body), Blue Wing Olive, Royal Wulff, Adams, Black Caddis, Orange Stimulators, Royal Stimulator, Griffins Nats and Cream Midges.

Otherwise use whatever you catch fish with in your area. It's different everywhere you go it seems. I hope this helps. When Steve gets the chance I'm sure he can help you as well.

tie one on 10-26-2005 10:35 AM

Re: Type of Fly & Rod for Trout
Big Cliff,

What does a Peacock Soft Hackle look like ? Do you simply wrap peacock herl around the hook shank & use a mallard flank for the soft hackle ? A Copper John I know, but never heard of that fly. Thanks also for the input on the 3wt rod. (I hope to be taking it out sometime soon ) For the next few weeks I will be trying to "hookup" with some big steelhead, or maybe a salmon. They are begining to run in the rivers around my area in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Thanks again.

tie one on

BigCliff 10-26-2005 11:53 AM

Re: Type of Fly & Rod for Trout
The herl is wrapped around the hook shank. The soft hackle is generally from Hungarian Partridge, the speckled white feathers. Other feathers can be use but when somebody refers to a "soft hackle", this is generally the feather used. Here is the recipe: and a pic. I would say the gold tag is optional.

Kodiak Commando 10-26-2005 02:22 PM

Re: Type of Fly & Rod for Trout
Well the method i prefer is not very practical for most trout streams but it's what i like. I love to fish big Alaskan rivers like the naknek, Kenai or kvichiak for rainbows that can reach 20 pounds, so i arm myself with an 8 wieght rod and some beads and flesh flies.

BigCliff 10-26-2005 05:02 PM

Re: Type of Fly & Rod for Trout
Just rub it our faces why don't ya!?

We would all love to have to use that kind of gear for the rainbows we catch, but that's pretty specialized stuff. Any Grayling on Kodiak?

Kodiak Commando 10-26-2005 06:38 PM

Re: Type of Fly & Rod for Trout
No Grayling now.They used to stock them here but it cost too much money for both bows and grayling so they just stock bows in some lakes now.

DAVY WOTTON 10-27-2005 09:35 AM

Re: Type of Fly & Rod for Trout
Good question and one of course that is very much related to personal preference.

So far as the rod is concerned for trout fishing in general l would choose a 5wt for very many reasons. The main one is simply related to versatility, in that l can use more or less any method that l choose, which a 3 wt would not allow. For example l cannot use larger flies, techniques that demand a weight addition, and dealing with adverse wind conditions, not to mention dealing with large fish in fast water situations, and many more reasons.
Overall l would prefer a 10ft rod, but 9, would work fine.

One fly only, for me has to be a hares ear nymph, provided l can have that in different sizes and some variations in the tying, like a regular gold ribbed, soft hackle.
The reason why l choose it is this.

There is not a river in the world l have fished that that fly has not caught me fish.
It is overall a great representation of many food sources. I can fish it deep and it may be used as a emerger/dry, etc.

Cliff, the soft hackle that you like is a fly of Welsh origin, darned if l can recall the name of it, let you know when l do.

Tight lines guys,


tie one on 10-27-2005 10:22 AM

Re: Type of Fly & Rod for Trout

Thank you for the article by Steve. I had a chance to read it last evening & it pretty much followed what I had thought prior to posting the question about rods & flies for trout. I may not break my new 3wt in until next spring. Steelhead are starting to come in our rivers, so out comes my Thomas/Thomas 10' 7wt & my assortment of steelhead flies.

Thanks again,

Tie One On

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