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Thread: Sage Flight Review

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankB2 View Post
    I had a St. Croix Avid and a Diamondback Aeroflex in the same length and
    line weight. Both had the exact overall weight, and weighed the same when
    taken in halves. The Aeroflex felt MUCH lighter in the hand, however, even
    when just holding it in a static position! The Avid (IPC version) had much more
    flex, and drooped noticeably in a static position, so I guess taper does matter
    in the "swing weight" thing.
    Thanks Frank, nice to have that suspicion confirmed by someone else!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fyshstykr View Post
    Good revue Dorian. I have a few more questions for you.

    What is the cost difference in the 2 rods?

    Were they 2-3 piece rods?

    And what was the type of line you used? W.F or D.T?

    I've only been to Jimmys' a few times, where in the world do you go cast?
    The cost difference is about 300 dollars, depending on the model. The 6 wt. was 340 I think, where the Z is around 650.

    Both the Z and the Flight were 4 piece rods.

    6 wt. Rio WF line on both rods. Tim said it was one of their most basic lines. (I liked the line).

    If you walk out the front door and take a right, there is a parking lot on the left hand side about 30 yards down before you get to Yellowstone Highway. That is where we cast. We had to stop a couple times to let cars through! They are really cool about letting you cast anything you want.

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    I figured that was where you were casting. That ol' Black Top can sure trash a line in no time though. If you had a fresh line I bet you would get another 25'-30' in your cast with those rods.

    Another thing I would caution you about if you buy one, don't get it off the rack, tell em you want a fresh one. The afore mentioned parking lot lines can also damage the guides.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Fogerty View Post
    What a pile of nonsense. If two rods weigh the same but one feels lighter, it is only because of the way they are balanced. The weight can not be altered by stinging up a line. It's an objectionable illusion!
    That's what I thought, but the Avid felt like a brick compared to the Aeroflex,
    both with and without reels and lines. I have an extremely accurate digital
    scale, and I was very surprised to find both rods tip halves weighed the
    exact same. The amount of force that a med flex rod would impart to the
    holder may make it seem heavier, and that was the only explanation I could
    arrive at.....

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    Hey Jake, Please call me Frank! I use FrankB2 as a username,
    but never thought anyone would use it to address me.
    Last edited by FrankB2; 02-10-2011 at 11:54 AM.

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    Hello Frank, nice to meet you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Fogerty View Post
    Don't waste your monies on a new and improved bull **** riddled pole. If you want your current rod to load better like the latest in the ZYXW super duper, loper, scooper Sage Winston Thomson Scott Diawa, rolled into one, then go one fly line weight higher. You will think you came into possession of a new space aged rod but without breaking the bank.

    Oh Jake, You need some Christmas Spirit!

    I see nothing wrong with him getting a new rod, if he decides to, afterall he did mention that it was the 'less expensive rod' that he was interested in because it felt the same. Seems to me that Dorian was being frugal in his choice.

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    Just for the record....this post as never intended to be a discussion of what I should or shouldn't purchase. I just wanted to let people know my observations of testing the two rods side by side and try to be informative. That's all. (Fysh...I appreciate your interjection)

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    Sounds like I will stay out of this one.

    Enjoy folks


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    Nothin to see here John. It's all good.

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