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    Default Talk me out of another rod

    I know this isn't the place to be talked out of buying gear

    But I currently possess an Orvis 9' 4wt superfine carbon rod. An Orvis zero-G 8'6" 5wt rod, and a couple of lower end 8wt rods I used in Alaska.

    I am toying with picking up a 6wt rod. This summer I will be doing a trip for some bigger brown trout in Oregon as well as hitting some water that has the potential to hook into some bigger bull trout and maybe the accidental chinook but the main catch will be 15" - 20" cutthroat on dries with the possible nymph. I've caught bull trout (up to 26") on the 5wt and it's sporty and I feel I wear them out a bit. I have used the 8wt for them but catching a 15" cutty on an 8wt is ridiculous.

    I'm thinking the 6wt can split the difference and make dry action fun as well as being able to put the wood to some of the larger predators I may run across. Not looking to spend more than $400 or so which puts me in the realm of the Orvis Recon, Sage Foundation, TFO Axiom, R.L. Winston Nimbus on sale at Cabelas.

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    Default Re: Talk me out of another rod

    Sorry, I can't talk you out of it because your reasoning is too good. Some other good rods to make your brain hurt are:

    Scott Flex
    Scott Tidal, this would be my pick. PM me if you want to know why because it's a long story.
    Elkhorn Traveler, a med/fast rod, or the Traveler II which is a fast action rod.
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    Default Re: Talk me out of another rod

    I don’t know the rods you’ve got and how much grunt the butt sections have, but you should be fine with any 5w.... just use the rod more when playing, lots of side strain so that the power in the butt gets fully used...
    5w’s are commonly used for NZbrowns, landing fish over 10lb in heavy water...

    But after saying all that a new rod is always nice to have

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    Default Re: Talk me out of another rod

    Your logic is sound, and arguably, a versatile 6 weight would fill a small gap in your listed quiver. My only piece of advice is to consider closeout rods, which are readily available currently on the auction site. For instance, a Winston BIII X or BIII LS, normally $800-900 rods, can be had for around your $400 price point as they have been discontinued for 2018/19 and are currently in the final stages of being closed out. The BIII X in a 9' 6wt configuration, is considered by many to be a very nice versatile rod in the 6wt space and maybe one of the sweet spots in the BIII X series, and, IMO, it's a great value at that price point compared to other normally priced rods in the $400 arena. Enjoy whatever new rod you get!

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    Default Re: Talk me out of another rod

    People are SO married to the 9' 5wt!? It's a freaking handicap for a lot of fishing situations- particularly in the west, where wind and heavier, double fly rigs are the norm.

    Buy the damn rod!!!

    (And ditto on the closeout, or a lightly used, top line rod- to heck with second tier or offshore stuff!)

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    Default Re: Talk me out of another rod

    I too will not talk you out of it. Some #6's tend toward payload; streamers, big nymphs, bulky dries. I have a couple of those, my old IMX or current ECHO3 (in you price wheelhouse) come to mind. My preference runs to 6-weights that, though powerful, are light and have the finesse to be like a 5-weight with more line mass for enhanced mending and drift control. NRX#6 fills that niche for me but new Igniter or since you seem an Orvis sort, H3D...but these cost more. Douglas SKY is a very nice #6. You might get lucky and find a discontinued and previously owned Hardy Zenith for a low price and a great discontinued #6 is Loomis's Streamdance GLX HLS. TFO BVK is a good low priced 6-weight too. Enjoy your search and cast them if you can.

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    Buy a Redington NTi: the best 9' 6wt rod ever made (at least in my opinion) . You will be at home casting large articulated streamers but also casting tiny dry flies on light tippets. You will be able to enjoy fighting smaller fishes, yet you'll have all th power you need to tame any trout.

    Definitely fitting S&S's requirement " My preference runs to 6-weights that, though powerful, are light and have the finesse to be like a 5-weight with more line mass for enhanced mending and drift control."...

    The hardest part: finding a Redington NTi....

    If you are an all rounder using all sorts of techniques but focusing on large fishes, then the 9' 6wt in my opinion is the best tool.


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    Default Re: Talk me out of another rod

    pati, Where is someone going to find an Nti Nano? How about similarly tapered but not as materially sophisticated Albright EXS, what do you think of that rod?

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    Default Re: Talk me out of another rod

    We have 40% off our older version of our Phenom in 6wt.... Phenom — Taylor Fly Fishing
    Quality Fly Fishing Reels at

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    Default Re: Talk me out of another rod

    Geez, you really did come to the wrong place if you want somebody to talk you out of buying a rod! What were you thinking?

    So, assuming you're buying one: i have a Sage X 5' 6 wt (actually, 2 of them, long story, dont ask), which i like a lot. My wife has Winston Biiix in the 5 wt which is great, but i dont know about the 6 wt. The Biiix has a bit of a soft tip as i see it, and that may or may not play well for you on a 6wt?

    If i may quote and repeat one or the more philosophical offerings above: Buy the damn rod!!!

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