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  1. Default Sage Xp advice please!!!

    Hi Guys!

    This is my first posting on this hello to you all from the other side of the pond. Question.... have been looking to buy a sage xp 9ft 6wt 4 piece with a half wells handle... after careful consideration and trial I decided its the correct rod for me. However, problem is they are not very available secondhand in the uk so the choice is limited. My dilema is this.... can anybody comment on the 9ft 6in model .... have found one available for the right price but is it significantly different from the 9ft in the handling ??? Second question... have found the 9ft version but with a full wells handle and fighting butt!!....grrrr...almost but not quite...might have to accept the compromise but reluctant to at the moment. Time is running out as we are off to Chile in six weeks so Im under pressure to make a descision.... anybody got any thoughts or comments.....or maybe you have my perfect rod sitting in a cupboard with cobwebs on it??



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    Hi Mark,
    A reply from home, how about a brand new 5wt?
    See 4 SALE NEW SAGE 590-4 XP - Washington Fly Fishing
    The rod you require is a legend, i have one and would never part with it but the 5wt is a great rod, what is your target species and size of river?

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    Hi Richard,

    Where to start?.... species include rainbow, brown, brook, steelhead, sea trout, coho, atlantic slamon to about 15lb. Mostly casting nymphs and wooly buggars to about size 6. River size varies from upper dart size to lower Wye size. Long casts are often needed as the really big fish tend to hang out in the most inaccessable places and access to many of the rivers is limited because of vegetation and lack of passable terrain. I already have a tcr 9wt for the really big Chinhooks so |I am covered on that front. The six weight should cover all else without being too beefy for lighter fishing.


    P.s.... anything to say about the fighting butt/salt model....pros and cons or is just a personnal like or dislike?

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    Mark, I've owned a Sage 691-4 XP (saltwater reel seat, fighting butt) for at least 15 years and love it. I wish my 4 wt had a fighting butt. The SW reel seat eliminates wood swelling and cosmetic issues. I can't think of any downsides to the fighting butt and it does two things I really like: (1) it keeps the reel out of the sand and muck when I stand the rod up against streamside brush, and (2) it allows me to tuck the fighting butt under my elbow for rest and better leverage during a prolonged fight. I fish the rod for rainbows to 8 lbs, browns mostly in the 20-24" range, and schoolie stripers under 6 lbs. I would jump on a clean, used 691-4. (The 9'6" version is a 697-4). If you are shopping new, I would go straight to the z-Axis 691 or 697-4. I have both 790 and 890-4 and, IMHO, while they are lighter and feel a little "slower" than the XP, they are actually more forgiving, easier casting, and stronger in the bottom end. Having said that, I don't think you can go wrong with either rod.

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