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    Default Re: What's the Best Fly Rod under $60 New? - your input wanted

    Quote Originally Posted by dorian.ducker View Post

    To use your car analogy, the 40-60 dollar rods are often (not always, remember, I like my 3 forks!) the Gremlins/Yugos of the fly fishing world. The 140 dollar rods are the 5 year old Hondas, and the Ferrari you mentioned would be the 700 dollar Sage. I myself would much rather learn to drive and own the 5 year old Honda than the Yugo.
    I think this is right on, although I would go to say that learning how to cast with a $40 rod might be more like learning how to drive in a 1963 model ford truck with no power steering and a "3-on-the-tree" manual transmission. All nostalgia aside, its going to be a bit easier to spend a little more and learn to drive in the used Honda.

    Come to think of it, I learned how to drive in a 1968 model ford 3/4 ton with an auto tranny but no power steering. My casting often reflects that as well: Stomp the pedal and muscle it!

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

  2. Default Re: What's the Best Fly Rod under $60 New? - your input wanted

    W.W.Griggs VINTAGE rod. It only comes in a 6 weight though. It is half glass, half plastic and cast beautifully.

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    Default Re: What's the Best Fly Rod under $60 New? - your input wanted

    First of all, I am a reborn beginnner, just getting back into fly fishing after a lot of years (15 or so) and I have 3 rods I have bought for under 60.00

    The SA 5-6wt 4 piece trout kit - good beginner kit, and the first fly rod I bought when I got back into fly fishing. I love this rod for travelling, and I don't remember if the kit came with it, but I have the SA case for this rod as well. I have hooked some 12 inchers on it and it handles pretty nicely, though I am not sure what it would do under the weight of a 18 or 20 incher. Seems a little "whippy" and I don't really like it for casting heavy weighted nymphs but it does pretty good with Dries.

    the Eagle Claw featherweight 7'6" - I use this for practice, and have never had it out on the river, but I have taught my father, 17 year old and 7 year old to cast with it. It is easy to feel the rod load, and I can throw the line out 60 or 70 feet with it. Not sure how it acts under a fish, cause I have never had it in the water, I have been tempted, but my ego and my Griggs rods have kept me from it.

    The third rod (or should I say Rods) are both Griggs GX rods and are both 2 piece rods. I have the 6'6" 3-4 wt and a 9' 5 wt. I bought them for half price at Sportsman's warehouse, and I think they were 35 or 40 dollars each. I really like these rods, I use the 5 weight for winter fishing with nymphs and the 3 weight for dry flies both on the truckee. I pulled in a 16-18 inch bow I figure weighed in at 4+ lbs and the rod worked wonderfully. My buddy has the Cabela 3 forks rod said he paid $100 for the combo (rod, reel and softcase) and I like the feel and flex in my Grigg better then his cabela rod. i think the Griggs rods are action rated at M+ (medium fast I believe).

    Bottom line, the Griggs rods seem to be built well, have held up under a season of fishing for me, and in my opinion are a relatively easy to cast rod for under $50.00 and I would not hesitate to recommend this as an inexpensive rod for a beginner. YMMV


  4. Default Re: What's the Best Fly Rod under $60 New? - your input wanted

    Before I forget, I'd like to add the Albright topwater (and GPs when they are on sale and meet the price point!) series rods are pretty good for the money...

  5. Default Re: What's the Best Fly Rod under $60 New? - your input wanted

    Quote Originally Posted by mojo View Post
    I know of only one.

    And he bought an Abel reel to go with it.

    Jaybug, I doubt if you're going to find a decent NEW rod for $60. I'd say for $120 you can. The problem I see with a cheap rod is the learning curve. A better built rod will cast easier, and make fishing more pleasureable.I think you'll find rods that cost twice as much ($120) are 4 times better a rod.
    If I was starting out, I'd check on ebay for a rod, or on For Sale sections of websites like this one..
    Face it. Fly fishing is an expensive sport/addiction/habit.

    Isnt a tfo 2 piece signature $89? That is a great beginner rod.

  6. Default Re: What's the Best Fly Rod under $60 New? - your input wanted

    Quote Originally Posted by jaybug View Post
    Excellent responses. Has anyone experienced a Pflueger Purist, Martin, Berkley, Ugly Stik, Okuma or Tica fly rods for under $60? They can't all be good.

    PS - I'm in 2 fly clubs now and I have a passion for helping the beginners get equipped and out on the water as fast as possible. Cost is one impediment to many of them. I hope I am giving them some help to counterbalance the typical fly shop advice. Probably the cheapest rod that you might have recommended by a shop is a Sage Launch ($200 on sale) or some top brand entry rod. Your responses here can really help. I picked $60 for the upper limit because I have a Cabela Tradition that cost $60 and it's a great rod, but I don't have experience with a lot of the other cheap rods. I have a $400 Sage and I think my Tradition is 95% as good as the Sage. That's subjective of course. The main reason I have 2 Sages and a lot of my other rods is that I'm curious about how good they are.

    I'd like to be advising beginners to consider other models of fly rods and not only Traditions. Now I can mention Scientific Angler and the Three Forks and others also. Actually, I'll just refer them to this thread since I sometimes quickly read through and they might find some nuggets I missed.

    Redington has a $100 combo that includes rod/reel/backing/line and maybe even a rod and reel case. Great value.

  7. Default Re: What's the Best Fly Rod under $60 New? - your input wanted

    Quote Originally Posted by mojo View Post

    Fly fishing is an expensive sport/addiction/habit.
    Man thats the first thing ive heard all day thats made any sense

  8. Re: What's the Best Fly Rod under $60 New? - your input wanted

    This thread is about trying to bring the cost down, at least of beginning fly fishing for those wondering if they should get into it and don't want to show up at their first day on the stream with a thousand dollar beginner's outfit. I have seen this happen many times.
    I wouldn't worry about that if it wasn't expensive or if everyone was rich. I don't think I spend any more fly fishing than I used to spend for spin fishing. The advice found on the Internet can really help us fish better and cheaper.
    If this thread doesn't give us some cheaper rods for beginners, then it still did it's job. Instead of looking for cheaper rods without recommendations, they can just spend $60 on a Cabela Tradition like I own and they are all set.
    If you read comments, you will see that, sure enough, there are a bunch of rods that will do a good job for under $60, and I mean regular prices, not on sale. You can get further savings with ones on sale or used. At what point does it not make sense for a beginner to at least consider these rods? The cheap rods are usually a little heavier and less fragile. If a split shot or fly hits the rod blank or if you jab a tree or bush with the rod, it isn't as likely to break. So what if you arm lifts an extra ounce for for a few hours? Later, one can buy a Ferrari type rod if it turns out that this sport is for you and you can't lift all that weight anymore.
    This thread is chiefly for beginners to read and for experienced fishers to answer if they ever used a good or a bad rod for under $60 retail. Experts who want to get a new rod need to read other threads.
    Here's the rub. A new fisher goes to the stream and the new Tradition for only $60 and isn't casting well on the first day and blames the rod. Another fisher goes out the first day with a $700 Sage and can't cast either and blames him/herself. You can learn to cast just as easily with both rods, but the beginner doesn't know that. We need to give the beginner confidence in the cheaper equipment if the problem is not the rod so they will get some help with casting like you see for free on YouTube or at a club instead of giving up.
    As far as this being an expensive sport, it doesn't have to be. My buddy went to the Seychelles and it cost $10,000 for one week to fly fish. I stayed around here and went fishing for free. I think spending a lot on this sport is optional.

  9. Default Re: What's the Best Fly Rod under $60 New? - your input wanted

    Cabelas was just selling St. Croix for about if i remember $69 the retail is $130

    I forgot the model name though

  10. Default Re: What's the Best Fly Rod under $60 New? - your input wanted

    I got a St Croix something for $35 last year from Cabela's. Sales and used prices are hard to compare to retail so I haven't brought up all my bargains. I think the most useful advice would be regarding the typical retail price so we can compare. Having said that, how do you like fishing with the St. Croix? Good or bad?

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