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    Default Thinking About New 8wt

    Any thoughts about an 8wt rod. I'm seriously thinking about buying another rod (like I need one ) but I'm looking into an all water rod to use on smallmouth maybe some saltwater and in Alaska.I have looked at Sage, G-Loomis, and Scott all 8wt.i already have a Sage One 7wt,but would like another rod in 8wt .Any advice or experience with these rods will be appreciated .

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    Default Re: Thinking About New 8wt

    I have a Douglas DXF8904 that I like very much, that I use for bass. The price is $395 according to their website, but can be had for less. I think the fit and finish is very nice and the cork is attractive. I would call it a medium/fast type rod, maybe leaning towards the faster side. It's firm, but not stiff or stick like. I think it's a very nice rod for the $$$
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    Default Re: Thinking About New 8wt

    I purchased a Sage X in 8 wt last fall. I also own a One 7 wt. The X is easier to cast than One or than my 8 wt TCX. So far I only have caught a few slot reds and speckled trout on it.
    Another rod I had a chance to cast recently was a TFO Axiom II. I only spent a few minutes with it, but if one is available at your local shop (assuming there is a shop) I think it would be worth your time to cast it.

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    Default Re: Thinking About New 8wt

    I have a Scott Meridian in 8 weight and I really like it. It was my first Scott rod and I have been impressed with how comfortable it is to cast. I have a Loomis 7 wt that I really like, and had every intention of getting it in 8 as well, but Scott won me over for this round. In comparison to some of the other rods I test cast, I felt like I had more "control" with the Meridian. Could have just been in my head, a better line pairing, or the allure of something different.

    My main purpose was/is inshore saltwater use for reds, but plan on using it for trout/bass/peacocks as well.

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    Default Re: Thinking About New 8wt

    I've fished a friend's Sage X 8wt and I really liked it. I think it would be great for everything you are wanting. I use a Winston BIIIX 8wt for Smallmouth, bonefish, large streamers for big trout, and smaller steelies. It's one of my fav rods of all time, and they can probably be found at a really good price since they discontinued it last summer.

    As far as Douglas rods Mcbeck recommended. I fished a buddies Douglas 6wt last summer and I was amazed at the build quality at that price. They cast, fish, and have components equal or better to rods that cost twice that price.
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    Default Re: Thinking About New 8wt

    I would recommend at least going to a 9 since you already own a 7. You'll get more bang out of your buck application wise. You can already use your 7 for all the things you've described.

    I'm a Sage guy so I'd recommend a SaltHD, and that'll cover you into most light/mid saltwater applications too.
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    Default Re: Thinking About New 8wt

    Hi Shannon.

    I have a Scott Meridian 8 weight, It's a pleasure to cast and has plenty of lifting power. If I handed you this rod without a reel on it you'd swear it was a 6 weight by the feel in your hand. I have mine balanced out nicely with a Hatch 7+.

    This is my largemouth bass, salmon, Steelhead and Carp rod and has met my expectations very well.


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    Default Re: Thinking About New 8wt

    I have a number of 8-weights but they are tuned primarily to flats fishing. A fast and crisp tipped flats intended #8 is a great rod...think NRX or Sage SALT but not necessarily optimal for your more all-round application intent. Your Sage ONE in #7 is a fine rod but for some reason I don't like the ONE in #8. The Sage X in 8-weight though might be the best all-round and fully capable #8 around. If you can compare a few, include Winston's new AIR Salt too, their first competitive #8 ever, and both the Douglas SKY and new Taylor Truth if you can find them as well.

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    Default Re: Thinking About New 8wt

    Stickman T8. I use mine for throwing articulated streamers (trout) and it is my primary for my first upcoming bonefish trip this spring. Akos (Stickman Rods) has used the rod for pike to bonefish.

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    Default Re: Thinking About New 8wt

    Things that are in production that I've tested and have on my short list:

    Ignitor -- probably my next 8.

    Asquith -- Loomis says it can be had in a one-piece... drooooool...but that would be creeping up on two big uns. Not the most I've ever paid for a fly rod but I was single then.

    Exocett SS -- liked it better than the straight Exocett just wish it didn't have so much composite cork in the grip.

    Meridian -- the Meridians swing like they're six feet long.

    I have an 8wt Salt HD -- it's distinctly beastier than my other 8s. As has been stated around here it's really a 9 or at least 9-ier than 8-ish. I'm fishing 280gr lines on it. I pair it with a Method for hybrid outings -- one sinking line with a Clouser and one floating line with a saltwater popper -- but an Ignitor is likely going into this role.

    7 and 8 weight Airs are obvious holes in Winston's lineup at present. I asked about this at the FFS and the impression I got in the answer is that it would be reasonable to expect to see these rods at some point. I use a BIIIx a good bit (heavy carping/bass) and break out a BIImx now and then (bass) and will be interested in these rods if they do appear.

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