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  1. Question G-Loomis vs. TFO Rod

    Please help... I went to Sportsman's Warehouse intending to purchase a TFO Lefty Kreh Signature Series 8wt. for $109.00 to use as a beginning rod. While their I found a G-Loomis GL2 Neptune 8wt. on sale. It retailed for $215.00 and was discounted to $139.00. I purchased the G-Loomis. I want to know if I made the right decision for a beginning fly rod. It will be used in warm water areas, primarily largemouth bass. Any advise would be great. Rod is matched with a Lamson Konic 3.5 with Rio Bass line.
    Paul >))))'>

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    I believe the Gloomis is a medium action rod and the TFO is a medium fast action rod. The TFO would probably be a better rod for throwing large air resistant flies. But I really do not know much about GLoomis fly rods to critique them.

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    Can't you cast them both so you're more certain the rod you choose is the right one for you?

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    Regarding which is a faster action. The website for TFO states medium fast action. G-Loomis's site does state it's a medium action. However, I tried both, the TFO action breaks at the seventh guide from tip and the G-Loomis action breaks at the sixth guide from the tip. Side-by-side, the G-Loomis rod's flex point was approx. 10 inches closer to the tip than to TFO. I take this to mean the G-Loomis is a slightly faster action. Would this be a correct assumption?
    Paul >))))'>

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    I haven't tried or seen the Loomis, but it sure sounds like it's a faster taper than the Signature from your bend test.

    TFO makes some very good rods for the money, the Signature is one of their entry models. It might be a tad easier to learn on (softer action), but the Loomis sounds like a rod you could grow into, with more potential as your casting improves. The TFO might start feeling a little noodly with longer lengths of line. If the Loomis seems too fast for you now, you could overline it to slow it down a little as you are learning, although the Rio Bass should be fine. (And you chose an excellent reel BTW.)

    I would be surprised if the Loomis didn't have better components (blank, guides, reel seat, cork) and fit and finish (guide wraps, coatings) than the Signature, but don't know that for sure. Although the GL2 is their entry model, Loomis is one of the leading fly rod companies and arguably make some of the best stuff out there (their GLX is a hot rod). And at least one fly fishing school I know uses the GL2 as their class rods.

    You can't always judge by price, but the TFO Signature at list vs the Loomis at a significant discount for a few bucks more.... I'd say you did the right thing and it sounds like a good deal to me.

    I hope GL2 users weigh in with their comments...


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    The loomis you tried out is their true entry level rod...i own two. The hardware on the loomis will be better than the TFO. I would keep your loomis

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