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Thread: sage zxl vs winston biix in 3wt

  1. Default sage zxl vs winston biix in 3wt

    Hi All,

    I read a thread on a comparisons between the Z-axis and b11X. I am presently in the market for a high end blank (as you may have seen from my other posts) but am unable to test the rods out before making a purchase - I therefore need to rely on user reviews and forums like this.

    Please could those of you who have experience with the zxl and b11x let me have your views and reviews on each (ie differences, similarities etc). The fishing I do is in crystal clear freestone streams with spooky fish. I will be using a 000wt for ultra light perfect conditions type fishing but want a 3 wt that is able to handle a weighted nymph (sizes 12-18) with dries in some wind. Most importantly teh rod needs to be able to load in close - I really dont care much how well the rod casts at more than 40 ft.


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    Default Re: sage zxl vs winston biix in 3wt

    Your not asking for much. A 000 for perfect conditions that handles nymphs in light air? Anyway I cast both of these rods in a 5 wt. I love the SLT(fore runner of the ZXL) so I compared the action to the BIIX. The ZXL in my hands had a medium/fast action but felt stiffer than the BIIX which had a softer tip and softer action. I love the way my 3wt SLT fishes and how it can still cast nymphs. But I do not think I would lose with either of these rods whatsoever.

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    Default Re: sage zxl vs winston biix in 3wt

    I haven't cast a 3wt ZXL, but have used a 4wt ZXL for hours. It's a perfect rod (8'6"), and can cast #10 weighted buggers with so much delicacy,
    it's often hard to see where they hit the water!!!!

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    I have a 8.5' 3wt ZXL and love it. Smooth casting and a very versatile rod. I think you would be happy with one.

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    I would lean toward the winston on a 3 weight. For the distances and fish that youll likely be using a 3 weight for, the winston is a little more accurate, and a little bit softer.

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