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    Since you are seeking a streamer specific rod if you contact T&T than I would recommend talking with Joe Godspeed. He is a fantastic pike & muskie hunter. Also on staff in that arena would be Rich Strolis who was the consultant to the Exocett SS ( I believe he is in Argentina right now thou) and also on staff would be Brain Lynch who is a guide and hard core streamer man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clsmith131 View Post
    I believe the SX followed MX, which was then succeeded by the plus and the jungle rods were a branch from that. As such, I figured they would be pretty similar. But I already have too many similar rods in #'s 8 & 9 justify a purchase - which is also what I said before I bought the last rod.
    Yes, the Jungle rods are a beefed up version of the Plus--stronger butt and reinforced ferrules. If I recall there's a YouTube video by Trident comparing (with casting) the standard Plus and Jungle versions. As for your rod buying habits, you're certainly not alone. Certainly a lot of us (certainly me) have said "I've just got too many rods. I'm done. Oh, this one looks interesting....."

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    So just an update I was speaking to the guys at the shop and not only are they both T and T and Winston dealers but they keep both the SS 250 and 350 in stock as well as the BIII Plus 8 and 9wt Jungle rods in stock. They agree that either the SS 250 or the JR 8wt would be right in the zone of what people use around here to fish large mouth as well as American shad. They assured me that I will be able to cast all four rods and decide which one feels the best for me. When I do this I will circle back and let you guys know how it went. Thanks.

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    Yes, definitely let us know your thoughts on the various rods. That's so great that you'll be able to test them all. At the risk of stating the obvious, make sure that you have a line heavy enough to load the rods. The folks at the shop presumably know what lines work with those rods and hopefully have one on hand. If you were handed some unknown standard 8 wt line that looks more like a plastic-coated slinky, I don't know that you'd be happy with either the 250 or the Jungle 8 wt. In my experience, which is limited, those rods do well with upsized/aggressive tapers like a SA Titan or Rio Jungle or a more standard line in a higher weight (e.g., I tried the SS 250 with a Rio Permit 9 wt, which is listed at 280 grains, and thought it was great).

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