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    Default Re: 6 wt graphite similar to Sage X?

    I have the 790 Igniter- It's a fantastic rod.

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    Default Re: 6 wt graphite similar to Sage X?

    I picked up the 7 wt. Method on closeout. There is no substitute for a fast 7 wt. when the wind really kicks up. Been on the Missouri with my 6 wt. BIIIx and had my hands full. We wore our guide out rowing the boat on that day!

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    If you like throwing streamers, the Ignitor would be a fantastic choice. I had a 6wght on a trip down the Green River in UT throwing streamers and I instantly fell in love, i came back from the trip and ordered a 7wght Ignitor as soon as I got home.

    LOVE the 7wght - LOVE the 6wght

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    Default Re: 6 wt graphite similar to Sage X?

    I suggest you check out Stickman T6, Douglas Sky 906, and Loop Cross SX. All are lovely six weights.

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    Default Re: 6 wt graphite similar to Sage X?

    Ard, I am looking at some moderately priced lodge rods that will cast a SA wf 6 trout taper or 6 wt Rio Gold. Since you have some experience with the Foundation would you recommend the 5 wt or the 6 wt?

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    Default Re: 6 wt graphite similar to Sage X?

    Wow! Thank you for all the helpful responses. I also talked to a guy who owns a fly shop who essentially said what a couple of you said: If you like the X what's the point? He actually went further and said you already have the best 9' 6 wt you can buy for most purposes including what you use it for. Radian is a bit "softer" in the tip, and i'll sell you one if you want it. Biiix softer still and they all were long gone sooner after closeout last summer.

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    Default Re: 6 wt graphite similar to Sage X?

    I have an unresolved descriptive issue with X, along with its relatives ONE and Method. These are NOT progressive tapers. Progressive is like a half a parabola in flex profile; softer near the tip, somewhat stiffewr into the mid and much stiffer low down...a progressive rate change in bending. Examples wole be at the faster end, Zenith, medium fast Orvis H2 tip and slower end of medium fast, BIIIx. X and these other Siem designs have more of a continuous flex profile that I'm seeking a descriptive name for...any suggestions? X is of course the "slowest" of this group at medium fast but what this design excels at is precise and quick tip recovery, unparalleled really. Method of course is a very potent rod series and ONE is no slouch and remarkable in its trout sizes (the heavier ones don't do it for me personally). I preferer the heavier X's to the ONE's but like the 9' ONE's better than the X's as the X's, by design, are not intended to have substantial lower taper power reserves which I require on larger rivers. Though all X's have superb tip recovery, a necessity for technical dry fly work, I prefer the shorter ones interpretation of their taper which is significantly different than the 9' models.

    So, If I had 2 9'/#6 X's and desired more 6-weight diversity for fishing the environs around Yellowstone, I would cross compare a few 6's of differing taper designs. I have never cast a Stickman in a trout size though I look forward to doing so. Radian would not make my list though I am quite familiar with it due to its notably abrupt transition from fast rod to soft tip (though I think the #6 the best of Radian)...I an not able to adapt to that sense of hinge and eagerly look forward to R2 (eventually). BIIIx #6 is regarded by many as a sweet spot in a series tending toward a certain imprecise pillow (if "sweeet" cloyingly so) like quality; from its inception an also ran albite an improvement over by committee rarely works out ideally. I have not cast AIR in this size but intuit the smaller AIR's being the better ones. Now Salt AIR #6 might be a contender though it too I have not cast (but I have fished it in #9). I do fish an Igniter #5, a more progressive taper than Method by the way and its #6 might be the winner. In Asquith I preferer the brilliant #5 to the 6, preferring my first choice in 6's, the NRX. Another #6 mentioned earlier in this tread is the Douglas SKY, one of the best progressive #6's out there...kind of like an improved on all fronts modernized Zenith. I have not tested H3D#6 nor Avantt#6 both of which I suspect are good but not better than the SKY or certainly not Rajeff's NRX.

  9. Default Re: 6 wt graphite similar to Sage X?

    hi s+s,

    starting from the middle-end>>stickman t6 may be a serious alternative - imo itīs a bihelix a.s.o.>>quite " up to date ".

    a n d there are sales with 50% discount of Loop cross s1 in gb!perhaps a nice deal?

    the one and method flex profiles remind partally to tcx>>parabol!

    x and igniter seem to be a mix of progress. and parabol.

    btw iīm owner of an igniter custom 697-4 - itīs brilliant for me but i fear not the typical usual #6 .

    nice we.


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    Default Re: 6 wt graphite similar to Sage X?

    Hi sweetandsalt.

    I think the X is what you would call, Parital Parabolic, or Lightly Parabolic. Ah, here it is: Progressive, with a Lightly Parabolic lower mid-section. BAM :-)

    If I may, "Parabolic" is going to mean a softer first section (at the handle and up a foot or so, but from there to the tip, turn mostly progressive and even possibly stiff progressive. You probably know this. The bend (under load) is going to happen in the handle or relative area just above the handle. It is very evident to see this in some of the parabolic glass rods. All the flex is just above the handle and the rest of the rod is almost straight. But the thing is this, there is a lot of experimentaion out there and many with variations on this. Hence, X.

    This is from the member, giogio on fiberglassflyrodders.

    "I think Charles Ritz invented the term Parabolic to market rods he developed for Pezon and Michel. So, first and foremost it's a marketing buzzword.

    A parabolic rod is one that has a fairly stiff tip and mid and a softer butt. As a result the rod feels like it hinges down low and when you cast it feels like you are throwing the top two thirds of the rod along with the line (it's only an impression of course). When the rod loads, rather than loading progressively from tip to butt it loads all along it's length at the same time.

    A semiparabolic rod is a rod that has a progressive tip action that at heavier loads blends into a deeper parabolic action. So tip is finer than on a full on parabolic rod. If you were to underline such a rod you would just think it was progressive."

    Here is a parabolic graph, as opposed to the progressive curves most of us are used to looking at. It just depends on how much of a parabola and where along the blank you want the parabola to be. In general I find the rods called parabolic to have a light parabolic bend just above the handle.

    I like this one. Most of us fish with the red line, progressive.
    The dark line is parabolic near the handle and then a little stiffer mid and tip, just a little, a little Sage X-ish.

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    Default Re: 6 wt graphite similar to Sage X?


    I am mostly a Sage fan, however the Loomis NRX is a great casting rod in the 12 wt size, perhaps you might try one of those beauties?

    Carl Blackledge

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