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Thread: questions on building a fly rod

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    Anymore thought to building your rod? I don't want my "ideas" to discourage you from ANYTHING. Please let us know how you're coming in your thought process, and/or what you've decided.
    Auntie Em

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    has anyone her ever built from a winston blank?? If you did, did it come out well, and did it feel like a factory built winston? Im personally looking at the WT version....

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    The first blank I ever built was a St Croix, Ultra Legion. It being my first build, didn't have the esthetics of the ready to purchase rod, but the action and feel, are similar to the rtp rods. Have built more rods than I can remember, but that first one, faux pax and all, is still my favorite, go to rod.
    Auntie Em

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    I would suggest you order a Cabela's Tradional II fly rod kit for $90. You'll get everthing you need, and end up with a good fly rod. If you think you may want to build multiple rods, and eventually that Sage, then also get the Rod Wrapper for another $40. Word of warning: once you's hard to stop!!

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