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Thread: Need 6 wt. rod recommendation

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    Well, the NJ Fly Show is now behind me and although I went thinking Sage ZXL, I ended up casting a lot of 6 wt. rods (Sage ZXL, Sage Z-Axis, G. Loomis Streamdance GLX, G. Loomis Max GLX, Scott S4, Winston BIIx, Winston BII MX) and the one that I chose in the end was G. Loomis' Max GLX 9'0". Not exactly a high finesse rod, but for a sinking tip line (200 gr) and a good sized streamer, into/across/behind the wind; which is what I want the rod for, it matches my casting stroke very nicely and really gets the line out there in a hurry. High line speed, tight loops, a lot of areolized line, etc. Nice rod. It's in my garage now - just waiting for the March 4th trip start date!

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    glad you got a rod you really like

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