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    I have 3 very nice old split bamboo rods Id like to use. I see there are others who have the same idea so I know its not totally crazy to do. I dont really worry about the value of a utilitarian thing like a fishing rod, I figure they were made to fish with, but I got my bamboo rods handed down from my grandfather, and I dont want to use something that maybe grandma could have taken to antiques roadshow, and paid off the house with. The rods are 2 Heddons , and one called montague? they are all in awesome shape, have their original softcases, and rod tubes. The best one of the lot is a Heddon black beauty that looks to have never even been touched (though it might have been used often, my grandfather took notorious good care of his stuff). I was wondering what the value of these rods would be, and if anyone could tell me about them, mostly Id like to know how I can tell when they were made. The heddon says Heddon black beauty #17 9, 2 1/2F (i assume the length) H C H or D is written in script on the side. The montague rod just says "Montague" the softcase says its a 9 foot rod. any info is appreciated, thanks!

    I included a couple pictures
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    You can get help with values here:

    The Classic Fly Rod Forum - Message Board - Yuku

    The Montague is a production rod, so it's not too valuable.

    Yes, I would fish them. I think that's what they're here for.


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    Default Re: split bamboo ok to use?

    Here's a little information including values're gonna like that Black Beauty

    James Heddon & Sons Rods
    Montague Rod & Reel Co. Rods
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    I found my value book. These values are about 7 years old. The Black Beauty, if in mint condition was worth about $400.00. The Montague was worth $100.00 or less.

    I wouldn't buy a bamboo rod if I was reluctant to fish with it.


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    thanks for the info guys, I did join that other froum and post there. Randy youre just about right on, they said 350 or so for the heddon, and 100 or less for the montague. Thats good, I was hoping they werent super valuable, so they are defintiely going fishing in the spring. they said if the heddon was a shorter model it might have been worth near 1000!!!!!!

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    Keep the Black is an excellent rod and will only increase in value. and you should fish it to. Shorter lengths are more popular and hence more expensive.

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    how do I tell what weight these rods are for? smallmouth in the portage can get pretty good size, I dont want to overwork this rod....

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    the HCH designation indicates a 7wt double taper line. The D would indicate a 6 wt level....Being a 9 ft rod...a 7wt DT ought to be just right...but with bamboo it could go one weight up or down to get the best feel. But I would certainly start with at 7DT. Two modern lines I like on my bamboo...Cortland Classic Peach and Rio's Selective Trout, both in DT. They are both supple and with Rio a tad thinner which works well with the small guides on old bamboo. One final suggestion, if you've not fished vintage bamboo before, slow your cast down and let the rod do the work. They are a blast to fish but you have to get used to how bamoo loads the line. Good fishing.

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