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    Default Winston Delaware Special 9' 6wt

    I have seen several 5wt's on the used market in the last 5 years, but I've never come across one of the 6wt's. Has anyone here fished or owned one?

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    Default Re: Winston Delaware Special 9' 6wt

    Hi GRN,

    Glad to see you back and posting again.

    I never heard of the Delaware Special until you asked the question. I did a little research and it appears they were made on the Winston Lt 3 piece series of rods. So wouldn't any of the Winston LT 3 piece rods have the same action as the Joe McFadden special Delaware? You might broaden your response base if you included the Winston LT 3 piece 6wt in your question.

    I think if you like the Winston action you would like the Delaware Special in a 6wt.


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    Hello everybody, posting in regards to the Winston "Delaware Special". Been looking for a 5 or 6 weight for a few years with no luck? Anyone have any tips or leads?

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    Default Re: Winston Delaware Special 9' 6wt

    I wonder if a certain fly shop ordered the rods with that inscription, rather than the rod being a true exclusive model? If you really need some extra reach that a six can deliver, yet retain the presentaion qualities of a more delicate five, try the new SA Mastery DT5F line on a Winston BIIIx 690!!! Talk about line speed, ultra smooth delivery with 12' plus leaders, and all the mendability you will ever need! Fighting power and finesse in one rig. Mine balances perfectly with a Bauer CFX3 reel. I have spent quiet a few years putting this setup together. This is my go to rig for tailwater trout rivers for everything but serious streamer fishing or really big nymphs which i have several other lines for. I am familiar with the challenges presented on the Delaware, and feel certain the BIIIx 690 would be a great choice. It certainly can handle any 6wt line out there just fine, but in my hands, just plain sings with the DT5

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    Those rods were specially designed by Winston for Joe McFadden who mad a shop on the lower Delaware for years. I believe that shop has been closed for ten years or so.

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