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  1. Question Missing white River tip

    Hi I'm both new to fly fishing and this site. I have fly fished both the white river in Ark. and the sanjuan river in New Mexico with some great success. This past Oct. some friends and I spent 5 days fishing the sanjuan river called the Texas Hole. We each were landing about 15 fish per day ranging from 16-22 inches long. After the last day fishing I was missing the tip section to my White River rod. I have been trying to find a new piece. Its a 5piece 5 wt 9 ft model v9055. I have called bass pro without success. Anyone with any ideas?

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    Welcome to the board. Sorry to hear about the tip. Just curious, did you stop in a BPS or call them? If you called, it may have gone to a customer service phone bank somewhere. You may have better luck going to a store- maybe they've had a rod that was damaged or returned for some reason that they could steal a tip from for you. I think that the White River line is a house brand of BPS, so it might be hard to find out what company actually makes it, but somebody should be able to find out- maybe someone in charge could give you the name of the maker and you could try contacting them directly or maybe they could just give you the contact info of the BPS buyer in charge of FF equipment. He or she must deal directly with the company and could maybe work something out for you.

    And I guess there's a chance if you take the remaining four pieces with you, and speak to someone in charge of the FF dept... they might be able to swing some kind of deal-- maybe taking back what's left of the rod and giving you a break on the price of a new one??

    Good luck with this. Let us know how this turns out.


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    Hi Gregg,

    Welcome to the site. We have several members who fish your area.

    You have came up against a problem with buying a rod with out a good warranty. Some of the other companies would have fixed you right up for a small fee. Your options are limited. You could buy another rod and have spare parts for your new rod. But since Bass Pro Shops have failed to service your rod why give them more business. I would buy a TFO Pro rod and move on with a lesson learned.


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    This place sells replacement tip sections.
    On the website they only show replacements for 2-piece rods, but it wouldn't hurt to call......
    Next I'd check a tackle shop where they do a volume of repairs... They'll most likely be able to put a section together for you.
    I have a small collection of parts myself, but no tip for a 5wt...sorry
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    It may take soem time, but watch yard sales and such you may luck out and find one cheap. It is a long shot though. If your close enough take it back to bass pro and holler enough, they may just fix ya up. Some times companies are friendlier in person then over the phone. Sorry to hear about the rod.
    If your looking for a rod in the price range of the white river, check out cabelas they make several fly rods that are actually pretty good and they seem to back theirs better. I had a 3 piece 3weight a few years back, the tip got broke in a trunk of a car and I called to see if they would replace the rod, belive it or not, the lady had one shipped to me while I was on the phone and told me to mail the broke on back when I got a chance.
    My wifes first fly rod is a cabelas LST and she loves it, I even "borrow" it once in awhile lol its a 8.6' 6wt and its a fast little rod.
    What part of AR ya from?
    If your close enough you ought to fish the Little Red, just down the road from us, I caught a 16 lb bow last Oct and we have caught several browns in the 5-12 lb range thhis fall-winter. Ya know teh world record brown came from the Little Red.
    If you ever make it out this way let me know and I'll show you the river.
    Yes I guide here BUT on the lake not the river so dont worry about that

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    Thanks for your ideas. Fishing is a lot easer than useing this computer. Going on a trip to the white river in 2 wks. Hope to catch a few large browns. Any ideas on flies

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    I agree with Bear.. Go to Cabela's. Buy a Cabela's rod and they will warranty it on the spot. They now send on other brands and that takes time but I love their warranty and service for fly fishing.

    You might keep an eye or search open on EBAY for a rod for sale.. Who knows maybe luck out finding a used one for sale.

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