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Thread: RL Winston LT

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    I own a Winston LT 8' 9" 5 wt. Does anyone have line recommendations for this rod? I was using Rio Gold but was wondering if the rod would perform better throwing dries of all sizes with a true to rod weight taper like SA Trout.


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    Yes it will. The rod, and almost any in the LT series will cast a bit "lighter" and turn over longer leaders a bit cleaner with a longer body, longer rear taper, true to weight line, like an SA Trout. The Gold is not quite 1/2 size heavy and although it's a great line and does have a slightly longer rear taper, it is not as long bodied, nor as true to weight as the SA trout.

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    I have two similar Winston rods; a 8 1/2 5wt and a 8 1/2 6wt both are IM6 graphite. I have a RIO Trout DT 5wt line(Midstream Series ... their lowest priced line). I cast this line on the 5wt rod and it cast alright but seemed a little heavy at after 25 ft or so. I called RIO and I was told that this line is 155gr (first 30 ft) for a 5wt (3/4 heavy). Afterwards I cast the 6wt with the same line and it cast great (maybe a little light at very short distance). I am teaching a young cousin how to cast and did not want to pair him up with a expensive fly line that he probably wouldn't appreciate early on and will probably ruin lawn casting etc.

    So on the WT I would not go over a true weight line gr weight and feel Rio gold which is .3 heavy (still within true wt specs Plus/minus 8gr) would be a little too much,

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    I really like the WF SA Trout on the WT 865 and really most Winston trout rods.

    I donít know the LT model but the weight forward SA Trout would be where I would start.

    And I would also point out while I have not weighed the sections, I believe the textured version has a bit of a different taper. I much prefer the smooth (mastery) version to the textured one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rod1 View Post
    I own a Winston LT 8' 9" 5 wt. Does anyone have line recommendations for this rod? I was using Rio Gold but was wondering if the rod would perform better throwing dries of all sizes with a true to rod weight taper like SA Trout.

    I own this rod, along with its little brother, the 8'3 4wt

    I will be throwing the new Orvis Pro Trout line (I like the textured version- but they make it in a smooth as well) on it this year. It is sort of a modern triangle taper with a little tweak. True to aftma weight, with the best coating out there- same stuff as the Sci Anglers Amplitude lines- which I also love.

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    I don't have nor have I cast your rod, but I do have a LT 8'3" 4 wt. When I purchased it maybe two years ago, I cast the rod with my stable of 4 wt lines and settled on the Gold--the others I tried would have included the SA Trout/DT, SA GPX, 406, Barrio Small Stream and possibly a Cortland Peach. I don't recall the pecking order or how close the results were, just that I liked the Gold best on that rod. That did surprise me a bit as on every other Winston rod I own (IM6, WT, BIIIX, BIIILS) I favor a true-to-weight SA Trout/DT. So I guess that, unlike some others above, in my opinion the LT casts better with a bit of extra weight. It sounds like you're looking for a line for dries. You might check out the Rio Trout LT--the DT is true to weight, but the WF is above weight (never understood that). If you can find a leftover closeout, there's also the SA VPT. But IMO those specialty lines aren't so good for shorter casts and so I would consider your typical casting distance. Based on my experience with my 4 wt, I'd stick with the Gold but you may find a true-to-weight line works better. Good luck to you.

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    Yes, the VPT is certainly a dry fly line (emerger,wet fly), works like a bit like a spey at distance, short casts are not its forte though. I liked my LT with a Rio Gold as they are a bit stronger than comparable Winstons from that era. Nice rods though.
    In the end, fly lines are a personal choice, and any well designed rod should handle several types of lines well, but I guess there is always that perfect line and that can get expesive (buy used if you can).

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