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Thread: First Impression - The Death Star

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    Default First Impression - The Death Star

    I got to play with a rod that is affectionately called the "Death Star" by the Spey crowd. The rod is the Sage 7126-4 TCX. In the movie, Star Wars, the Death Star was the Empire's planetary destroyer. The 12'6" 7 weight TCX is Sage's planetary destroyer.

    My first impression is that this is an ultra-fast rod. It's definitely stiffer than what I would prefer for my own personal use. The 540 grain Airflo Compact Skagit head with the 15 foot 109 grain Rio Versitip was just enough to load it. But once loaded, that line shot out! The next time I plan to test this rod, I am going to use a heavier head.

    I have never been a distance caster when it comes to Spey, but the TCX makes distance casting a breeze. This rod has so much power, that my running line was getting tight on the reel before the head hit the water. I planned to have some slack line for mending.

    I have gotten some feedback on this rod. For Skagit style casting, the prefered grain weight ranges from 510 grains all the way up to 650 grains. It is good to know that the rod can handle that kind of payload.

    I plan on testing this rod later with a Scandi head as well as a few more Skagit heads.


    PS: While playing with the Death Star, I hooked up and landed a 19" wild Rainbow Trout on a #2 purple Pick-Yer-Pocket. It was no match for the Death Star.

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    Default Re: First Impression - The Death Star

    I can't wait to hear about the scando head! It gives me chills, I too prefer a slower deeper bend especially for skagit heads. After playing with my AFS head and making a few chops the rod still doesn't quite feel right. I'de love to try one of these, are blanks available from Sage, I guess I'll check their site. Keep us posted!
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    Default Re: First Impression - The Death Star

    Dennis,thanks for your impression,I once tried a friend of mine's was a 9ft 4's hard for me to imagine what a 12'6" 7 wt sure I would be able to use such a rod...and its name frightens me

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