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Thread: Sage LL

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    Quote Originally Posted by unknownflyman View Post
    Ive said this before and I`ll say it again, I can fish close with the fastest rods made and I can get 60 feet out of a low budget slower than hell glass rod.

    I think the thing about casting that annoys me the most is a rod that will not cast well at all and always feel like I`m expending extra energy and effort and the rod is falling short, sure ranges vary and there are many subtleties and sweet spots but for me fly casting regardless of material and speed should be relatively effortless for the needed range and fun and performing when I put the wood to it so to speak. There are many variables that go well beyond the speed of a rod, length, taper, tip ability to handle a load and keep loop stability and yet full flexing fighting nice trout.

    I like that people describe the new TLL as a little faster than expected and I love my X rods and pulse, so I`m hoping for a decent casting machine that if you need a bit of extra distance or just a bit more in the butt for fish control but not too much because then that's a different rod.

    As stated earlier I have nice small spring creek and river glass rods and I`m not one to do a lot of false casting if any, pick it up and lay it down accurately and with impeccable presentation with dry flies but not a distance machine, less, that just right range and be able to lay out light line! Light line in my neck of the woods equals fish taking the fly a 3 or 4wt rod is all that's needed really for an experienced fly man, a 5wt is a streamer rod to me.

    Opinions, likes and dislikes we all have them and they are all relevant.

    EDIT ADD- What is close, close to me where I fish is spooked fish, better stay at least 30-40 feet away if not more. Where I fish on my home rivers anyway there isn't a 10 to 20` cast that will catch fish. Ok maybe a couple spots I can think of. LOL

    So this close thing to me is overrated unless a guy is fishing true driftless creeks that are 10 feet wide, but still I would cast 30 feet down and strip some line for the dry fly drift.

    Who really fishes dry flies at distances of 10 feet? Dont mean to offend anyone its just that this close thing, I`m always like what? and I`d probably hit a roll or pile cast anyway.... but I digress.
    Your thoughts on the limited relevance of fast vs slow relative to the overall castability of a rod are interesting, and I think I know what you mean. I found casting the TLL to be intuitive - surely a result of intelligent engineering of the overall taper by Sage (not due to my casting ability).

    It's been my experience as well that casts inside of 10' are pretty rare, even in the (WI) driftless. Plus, I'm just not that stealthy...

    I have only been fishing this region for a couple of years, but I do tend to gravitate towards the smaller more secluded streams. Thus, I encounter the occasional situation where there is value in having a rod that loads nicely inside 20'. For example, nymphing along the base of a limestone bluff with a fast bend behind me, and high, grassy banks. Also, considering the leader as well, there's ultimately not much fly line out in some of these scenarios.

    That being said, I did not spend much time test casting the TLL with <20' of fly line out, which made me a bit nervous to hear the rod struggles in tight.

    Not that nervous, though Sage LL


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    steveid, This is a rare instance where I did not try nor compare a rod in advance. Other than a 9'/#5 T LL I cast at a shop shortly post introduction I have yet to so much as see another one. The fly shops I visit are all destination shops, I have no local shop to go see what's new. Sure I read reviews like the thoughtful ones about these rods at Telluride Anglers but must try these rods out myself.

    And Bent, Old guides often know a lot but the best way to communicate what one knows is not to say, "Because I said so". The Telluride Anglers write about this 8 1/2' rod that it was best at 30+' and, if shorter shorts that that were a priority, a line with some extra mass would perform better. However, I'm in concert with u.f.m., even on small streams, I'm presenting upstream or down with at least 30' of line plus my long leader out the tip top.

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    I have been working with a new Sage LL 9' 4wt for several months now. I throw a lot of rods....I have thrown a lot of rods in my over 40 year FF Adventure. I feel the new Sage LL is the best fly rod Sage has ever designed. JMHO.
    "On the water...the perfect cast...a beautiful fish...fooled at last!"
    O J Chartrand Jr

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    .The Telluride Anglers write about this 8 1/2' rod that it was best at 30+' and, if shorter shorts that that were a priority, a line with some extra mass would perform better.
    I did see this TA review. He mentions repeatable, accurate casts at 15', and goes on to state that the rod really shines at 30+. Still no answer as to why this is the case - perhaps an artifact of the longer bellied trout tapers as you alluded to. Undoubtedly, I just need to get onto some water and cast the damn thing...

    Which will require me to purchase a reel and some line... probably Rio IT TT, but will have to consider the SA trout as well. And perhaps an extra spool with some Gold for close in.

    But it's easy to get ahead of one's self.

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    The relatively new RIO Technical Trout is a true to weight line in 30'. However, it features a 10' front taper, delicacy enhancing, yes but good for in-close loading, like a Wulff Triangle taper, no.

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    barrio smallstream and slx may be usefull alternative for a third.

    nice week.


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