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  1. Default 9wt. Rod selection

    I'm looking for a 9 wt. for salt water. I have been salt water fly fishing (Cape Cod) for 5 years. Always using medium action inexpensive rods. My limit is about 70/75 feet. I have tested many more expensive fast action rods but don't seem to cast better or longer. I quess I'm quite used to the slower action rods. I just purchased a Sage VT2 10wt. Just wanted to try a more expensive rod. Any advice or recommendations for me?

  2. Default Re: 9wt. Rod selection

    I'm a noob, and salt isn't my interest, but take a look at
    They have the Sage FLi series on closeout at very good prices.
    I recently bought a 9ft. 6wt for $178; regular price was $275.
    I'm thinking of grabbing a 7'6" 4wt for the same price while the gettin' is good.
    I'm FAR from being knowledgable about fly fishing, but everything I read about the FLi series was positive.

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    While you are "shopping" you might cast the Loomis Xperience, a reasonably
    priced light weight rod with a lot of power in 9 weight. Good luck!

  4. Default Orvis Zero Gravity 9ft 4 piece Med. Action under $400

    At, you buy the above rod for $390.

    I have this rod. It casts very well with a great balance of power and control, and it is extremely durable. When Orvis started to clear out the Zero Gravity rods, I upgraded my 5 wt to a Zero Gravity. For the price, I do not think you can beat it.

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    Default Re: 9wt. Rod selection


    You’re getting a lot of different recommendations. Personally I like the Sage xi2 and Loomis glx, but you may also want to try some TFO rods. Their TiCr, TiCRX and Axiom all have different actions, and one of them might be a good match for you for less money than the Loomis or Sage. The best advice would be to try out as many different ones as you can- with different lines and line weights to see what works best for you.

    As far as distance goes, I think a lot will depend on your casting mechanics and timing, as well as the line you use, both taper and weight. Head length and weight can vary dramatically from one line to another even in the same weight, and performance sometimes is dependent on how much line you can comfortably carry outside the rod tip when false casting. Many folks find that overlining a rod, especially with floaters, turns a “so so” rod into a rocket launcher.

    Where abouts are you? Are you on the Cape or MV? There maybe some folks around you that could help a bit with casting, and some groups (like Kenny Abrames from Ken Abrames' Stripermoon that often has meetups in RhodeIsland)) have informal casting clinics and rod tune-ups where you can test cast different rods with different weights and taper lines.

    The thing about distance, at least for me in most NE SW situations, is that it’s not necessary to cast 90-100 feet. And if you can throw 75-70 on the water you’ll probably do very well. But it may be necessary to go 60’ in wind, or even just 20’ into the teeth of a gale, so working on casting is very important, and being able to throw a full line on a lawn in semi perfect conditions—although not the same thing, is a good start.

    Perhaps the answers to some questions might lead to some suggestions that could help a bit...
    When you throw 70-75 feet is that with a fly like a deceiver?
    With or without a doublehaul?
    What line are you using now?
    When you cast and reach 70-75 feet, how much line do you shoot on that last cast, vs how much line can you carry comfortably in the air outside the rod tip?

    Depending on where you are there might be some excellent resources right in the neighborhood. This is a general group for New England salties, that might be worth checking out.

    New England Saltwater Fly Rodders

    Again there may be many other resources out there depending on where you live, but FFF offers a database listing of certified casting instructors you can search by location. It might be worth exploring if you feel you might need some coaching, a tuneup or just a few pointers.
    Fly fishing information for everyone

    Good luck,


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    Default Re: 9wt. Rod selection

    Hi MVFLY,

    I think if a higher price rod is ever worth the extra money it would be with saltwater rods for sure. It seems that most of the fly rod companies get it right with saltwater rods. I suggest you look for a used Sage RPLX. It is a very popular saltwater rod. If I was looking for a saltwater rod I don't think I would pick a VT2.


  7. Default Re: 9wt. Rod selection

    peregrines, I fish MV, Narragansett and local rivers. I own a bunch of TFO rods. I actually like the cheaper (signature series) over the Pro series. The Others are clubs in the 9/10 wt's. !/2 inch thick. Just too fat for me. I have tryed many top line rods. Haven't found what I like yet. Maybe if I had a fast action, I would get used to it?? I have had lessons with George Roberts and Sheila hassan and other local instructors. I use Teeny SW sink tip 450/550 in the MV rips and SA intermediate when the bones and albies show up. Had some bad tendinitis in my hand this year. Too much of that 550 line I think. Looking for something that will keep my hand healthy. MVFLY

  8. Default Re: 9wt. Rod selection

    I do want a new rod for the warrenty. I've had my share of broken rods. What don't you like about the Sage VT2? How about Winston? Their Vapor is in the price range. Thought I would try till I found out they have them made in China. Don't know if I trust the quality.

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    Default Re: 9wt. Rod selection

    Hi MVFLY,

    I guess I have to admit that the VT2 is a better rod than I gave it credit for. Sorry about that. For a rod in this price range it seems Sage has built the bigger rods for Saltwater. I made my comment only being aware of the 5wt rods. It seems that the people who have the VT2 like them.

    I went back and reread your post. It seems like I missed the boat on this thread. You just got a VT2 10wt. If you are casting 70 to 75 feet that is plenty good for any place I have ever fished. If you are casting all rods the same distance then it is not a problem with the rod. It might be the lines you are using or something in your technique. More than likely it is your technique. If you can learn from a DVD you might try that. It is hard to give pointers to any fly fisher that can cast 75'.

    If you like your 10wt VT2 then why not get another. If you want to cast 90 feet I think you might need some lessons from a qualified instructor.


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    Default Re: 9wt. Rod selection

    The Xi2 is unique in the Sage line up regarding it's ability in salt environments. I have fished most if not all of the Sage models in a 9 and/or 10wt for stripers, blues, false albacore and red fish. The Xi2 excels in lifting and shooting sinking lines (350 gr.), and fighting big fish. Most other models start to show some weakness with long lines, and then even those that don't (TCR) fold like wet noodles when connected to 20#+ fish. What you save on the VT2 you'll need to spend extra on the reel because you may find yourself pointing the rod at the fish and letting the reel do the work. Maybe it has just been our experience while occasionally adding a rod to the standard mix of Xi2's... that's my base line, YMMV.
    ... But a lifelong journey.

    I choose fly rods the same way I do women, motorcycles, and cowboy boots...
    go with what ever feels good, and keep on hand as many as I can afford

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