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Thread: #4 #5 under a buck and a half

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    i'm new to fly fishing and looking for a #4 or #5 weight rod no longer than 7 1/2 ft. i don't want to spend over $150 any suggestions would sure help

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    Cabelas has their LST on sale right now , my wife has one I bought her in a 6wt and really likes it, I fish it once in awhile its a good rod. Also check out the forum flyshop for the redington Red's I bought my son a crosswater and its a nice entry level rod, cast pretty nice, teh Red is the next step up

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    If you can swing another $30, here's a 7'6" 4 wt 2 piece Sage FLi:

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    thanks for the suggestions think i've madeup my mind going with crosswater think i'll save a few$$$ and go fishing 4 a few days
    thanks again

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