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    Default Re: New production run of Sage XP's!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by onlymidges View Post
    BigCliff wrote---the LL is the rod they need to bring back. They could just offer the 389 and 490 and make LOTS of folks happy.

    I talked to a Sage sales rep the other day at my local fly shop and I asked him about the

    LL 389 and LL 490

    Guess what guys -- he said that Sage is going to run some of the LL 389 and the LL 490 sometime this year

    So guys be on the look out -- Our dreams and wishes just might come true.

    Maybe this is the year I should break my 490 VPS Light then, so its replaced with a nice pretty new 490 LL. Hmmmmmmmmmm.........

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: New production run of Sage XP's!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post

    These are all things I have experienced and it made fly fishing something different than what it is today. There may still be a few fly shops like I describe. If you find one, support it all you can. The great shops I have known are all gone.

    Hi Frank,
    The first real fly shop I visited was Eyler's in Bryn Mawr, PA. It was run by
    a wife and husband, and they inherited it from her father. The couple retired
    to Montana about 5 years ago, and sold the shop to TCO FlyFishing. TCO
    has kept the atmosphere pleasant and personal, but brought the gear up to
    date a bit. They at least cleaned out 50 years of clutter! TCO has about
    five other shops in SE Pennsylvania, and one out in central PA.

    There's another local shop I finally visited last Fall in Media, PA: The Sporting
    Gentleman. It's run by a father and daughter, and it's great! They are an
    Orvis shop, and know everyone by name. They also love to chew the fat
    about stream conditions, patterns, and just anything else.

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    Default Re: New production run of Sage XP's!!!

    I work at a fly shop in Cabela's, we received a couple of them over the weekend, sold three already. Only reason I buy rods from Cabela's is that I can get better deals at Cabela's than small shops. Most shops will not lower below list price but Cabela's will. I do support my local shops because Cabela's does not carry everything. As a college student any money I can save is worth it. I cannot pass up a 30% discounted rod to go buy the same rod at a small shop at full price.

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