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    Great posts everyone! I am starting to lean towards getting a six weight and hopefully liking it enough to make it my everyday rod. For people that fish 6's I have a question....would you say that 6's are less sensitive than 5's? Living here in SE Idaho where the wind is a factor more often than not I think the 6 might be the one. I am going to be buying a new reel also at the same shop I buy the rod at (Yes Mojo, it was Jimmy's....not Jimmy I was talking to though) so I will try to cast the 5 and 6 with the reel I want and see how it feels to me.

    I have decided to get either a 5 or 6, not the 7 or 8 so thanks everyone for your help so far!!

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    Default Re: Help me decide.....not what you think.

    Well....The Sage says the Z-Axis has a softer tip than other fast action rods,
    and I'd have to agree. My ZXL 6wt is every bit as sensitive as one would hope
    for, and my recently sold Diamondback Aeroflex 6wt was a beautiful rod to fish (still don't remember why I sold it?!??!?). I have fished some 6wt's that
    were stiff as planks, and gave zero feedback. I won't name names, because
    some folks here own these rods, and I don't want to upset anyone's apple cart.

    I keep using the Z-Axis as my example, but only because you said you've
    cast both the Z-Axis and the Flight. Is the Flight's tip soft like the Z-Axis?
    My experience has almost always been that a rod never fishes the way it
    lawn casts.....

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    I was just on the Sage website and saw that the Flight 6 wt. is 1/16 of an ounce heavier than the 5 wt. That is all! So on a little bit of a different note, if there are still people paying attention to this thread.....what is it, technologically speaking that makes a 6 wt. rod able to handle heavier line and flies? Is the 1/16 of an ounce the only difference? Is there a difference in the taper or other design aspect between a 5 and 6 weight?

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    Default Re: Help me decide.....not what you think.

    Cannondale bicycles discovered a long time ago that you can make lighter
    frames by using thin walled tubing with larger diameters. I think that's the
    idea behind the Generation 5 technology that Sage uses.

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    I did a side by side comparison/review of the Flight and the Z-Axis the same day that I cast them at a fly shop and from what I remember it was really hard for me to tell the difference. Both rods load up close (softer tip?) a lot better than the Scott S4 (another great rod btw), but both could shoot line like nobody's business (as does the S4). I cast the 5 wts. btw.

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    Default Re: Help me decide.....not what you think.

    I was able to fish a 9' 6wt Z-Axis this afternoon. I used the same set-up
    as the 5wt: #10 WB on a 9' 4X knotless leader. This thing was a REAL cannon! I was able to pick 60 feet of fly line (I measured from tip top to
    the leader) off the water, and put it down again with only a single cast in each direction! It worked
    dandy with 10 feet of line out. Tip sensitivity was great. Neither of Z-Axis
    rods seem really fast to me. They work best when not pushed too hard.
    I'm guessing the 5wt is going back. I have lots of 5wts already.

    Weight: the 6wt does feel a bit more heavy than the 5, but that only makes
    sense I suppose. That's balanced out by the 6wt's ability to throw line
    further and with fewer false casts. Hope this helps!

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    i also like to use lighter equipment for what ever im fishing for. mostly i fish for steelhead because theyre in every river around me. for steelhead i use an 8wt. but i also have the alleghany mnts about 2.5 hrs away. there we have trout. for trout i like to use a 4wt. i mostly throw nymphs and the 4wt seems perfect to me but that goes back to personal preferance. i think a 6 or 7 wt for trout is too heavy. and you said it yourself, you like to use lighter equipment. hope this helped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorian.ducker View Post
    So here is another help me decide thread. However here is the twist.....I already know what rod I am getting I just need your help deciding what rod WEIGHT to get.

    Here are my thoughts.

    I initially wanted to get a 5 wt. (the rod btw is the new Sage Flight....cast one, it feels just like the Z at half the price). I fish mostly for trout and like a 5 as my all-arounder.

    Here is what I have now.

    3 wt. Cabelas 3 forks
    4 wt. St. Croix Avid (love this rod)
    5 wt. Cortland beginner combo rod (don't use it)
    5 wt. Albright A-5

    I like my Albright, but it just doesn't have the fast action and premium feel that I get with the Flight. If I got the Flight in 5 I know it would be my go to rod and I would use it all the time, pulling out the Albright when I wanted to slow things down a little bit.

    The guy at the shop thinks I should get a 7. I could use it on windy days and to chuck streamers, even do some bass fishing and light Steelheading with it. Which makes me think, if a 7, then why not an 8? Bass/Steelhead/Redfish (I have family I see every few years in N.O.)

    Then I come back to maybe a 6wt. For some reason I like using lighter tackle, but if I got a 6 would I still use it as my everyday rod? Would I only pull it out when the wind was up?

    Is 5 the best choice cause it is what I fish the most? I don't know. I know this is all personal preference, everyone is different, blah, blah, blah.....
    I just wanted to hear some other opinions and see what you guys and gals had to say!
    I do think you are on the right track with a 5 wt. I started out fishing mostly with 6 wt rods but have backed off to a 5 wt for most freshwater fishing. If you expect to try any salt-water (redfish, bonefish, striped bass), salmon or big trout (I mean Alaska size), you may want to consider an 8wt, but it sounds like this is not your game (yet). I have a 7 wt but almost never use it. Lefty told me at a fly show once that all you really need is a 3 or 4 wt, a 5wt, an 8 wt and if you want to chase big striped bass or permit, a 9 or 10wt. You are already loaded at the low end but it does not sound like you really like your 5 wt and would be happy with a better rod. I have a nice custom made 2-3 wt (that I won at a fly show auction), a St Croix 4 wt, a very nice Sage 5wt that I used extensively in NZ, several 6 wts including one I custom made from a Sage blank, a 7 wt, two 8 wt rods (a Cabelas 5 pc packs very nicely for travel), a number of 9 wt rods (one 4 pc) and a 10 wt. Since I can only fish with one at a time, I seldom take more than 2 with me and have been fortunate to never have broken one - oops! yes I did break one rod tip as I was taking a new rod out the door before I ever used it. I was a stupid beginner and put it together inside - serves me right.
    Go with your gut - get the 5 wt and later you can get a 7 or 8 wt if needed.

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    Default Re: Help me decide.....not what you think.

    Sometimes you need to think outside the box!!! Get a 7wt and a flats skiff, move to the everglades and call me when you get there!!

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