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    Default Classic rod found in garage

    I have recently acquired a vintage Browning SilaFlex 5 line fly rod. It hasn't been used in over 20 years, and though it looks great, I'm wary of taking it out in case it cannot handle the action after so many years of sitting idle.

    Are there any suggestions on how I can prepare it for use? I won't be going out until next spring, so I have quite a few months to get it back in shape, and at 7' long it is the perfect size for some of the small brook trout streams I like to fish.

    All suggestions welcome.

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    Default Re: Classic rod found in garage

    Maybe not classic, but vintage

    It's fiberglass, it can take it.
    I have plenty of glass rods dating back to the mid '50s. Unless there is visible deterioration you're not going to hurt it.
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    Default Re: Classic rod found in garage

    Inactivity shouldn’t affect a glass rod blank. I would check it over to make sure that guides or wraps aren’t loose or broken and it should be good to go. When I got out of the Navy in 1970 one of my first purchases back in PA was that make and size rod. It cast beautifully with a Cortland 444 peach line.

    Nice find.


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    Default Re: Classic rod found in garage

    Glass should be just fine, Nice rod sir!

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    Default Re: Classic rod found in garage

    Thank you all for the feedback. Figures I found it one week after our trout season in Ontario ended

    Still, it gives me a lot to look forward to in spring.

    Cheers all.

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    Default Re: Classic rod found in garage

    Sounds like you now need a reel of the same vintage to me Out of curiosity did the rod have its storage sock and any type of protective tube?

    Good to see you posting, I see you've been with us since May. Might as well get to know everyone over the winter they are long where you're at.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: Classic rod found in garage

    Nice find! Don't sweat using and enjoying it. As others have mentioned the age of some of the glass rods they are still fishing with, I also have 2 Fenwicks dating back to the 50's and 60's still going strong today.

    Good Luck!


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    Default Re: Classic rod found in garage

    I fish a Browning SilaFlex 5 weight that I bought in the late 70's on regular basis. I also fish cane rods from the 30's. Both have aged better than I have. No reason not to fish yours.

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    Default Re: Classic rod found in garage

    All I fish are old 'glass rods ('50s,'60s'70s vintage) and they aren't just for trout. If that one doesn't show obvious damage such as loose wraps, bent guides or cracked blank it is good to go, dish soap, soft cloth and warm water will take off most of the storage crud.
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    Default Re: Classic rod found in garage

    Glad to know the rod was free, as soon you will be looking for Hardy reels of the same vintage
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