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  1. Re: New Winston Vapor.

    I am definitely looking for a new rod - really wanted a 3 wt in a medium price rod for small/medium streams in North Carolina and E. Tennessee. Now many of you have noted that you have tried out the Winston Vapor a time or two. In order to get the length I want 8 1/2 feet I have to go to the 4 wt. in the Vapor. Have any of you that have purchase a 4 or 5 weight and fished it some - is it definitely a fast rod or med/fast as I read on another review? In the Smokey Mtns. I definitely need a delicate presentation and a rod that will bend/curve the line. Any other 3 or 4 piece rods in the $200 - $300 range that you might recommend over the Vapor. The Vapor sounds nice but being here in Birmingham, Al we just don't have many fly rods to try out-not the Vapor. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. By the way I really think this is one of the best fly fishing web sites on the web. Thanks to many of you who have written great articles on gear, and fly fishing in general.

    BamaJack (B. A. C.)

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    I've only cast the Vapor in the yard but they seem to be an excellent fly rod. We've got one 4wt-8'6" left marked down from $279 to only $199 in this forum's Fly Shop. Go to:

    I agree, this is a fantastic fly fishing forum. Perhaps the best I've seen also. The guys here are great!


  3. Default Re: New Winston Vapor.

    The Launch is a great rod. Have one myself. You
    might look at the Sage FLI which is a fast rod and
    comes in 2 and 4 piece models. Various lengths.
    It is in the mid-price range as well. Cheers,


  4. Re: New Winston Vapor.

    Thanks guys, I bought that Winston Vapor in 4 wt. last night. I'll give a review of it once I get back from a fishing trip.
    If more Dads would read God's Word to their kids, live it, and teach their kids to fish and hunt we might see this Country turn around from the sewer it is headed to!

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