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Thread: How many of you make your own?

  1. Default How many of you make your own?

    I probably have about a dozen fly rods, and realistically don't need any more, but the local shop is organizing a fly rod building class and I am really tempted to sign up. My logical brain says "Just say no...", but there is this part of me that says it would be really cool to make a custom rod with just exactly the components I want.....

    Do of any of you build your own from blanks? Why? Is it difficult to do? I would like to eventually build a bamboo rod, but will start out with graphite, I think. Thanks, MC

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    Default Re: How many of you make your own?

    Building a rod is a lot easier than you'd believe. If I can do it anyone can. It just seemed like something to try & I did. Since then I've built about a dozen fly rods & a couple of spinning rods. Years ago a friend of mine was getting into building split cane rods & I made up a set of planing forms for him & I figured I'd give that a try too but it's a very labor intensive process & a lot can go wrong with the glues etc. so I never got into it. I'm content to just build on blanks & tie flys & still have time to go fishing now & then.....

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    I build them and buy them.. As Fn50 said it really isn't that hard, especially now that there is so much info about it on the internet ETC. Randy

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    Build one. You'll like it. Go ahead and get a cane blank. I would suggest getting one from Chris Carlin, Mike Brooks or Dennis Stone. You'll get a great blank that way. Get one that has ferrules. Stay away from the cheap Ebay blanks for $100.
    If your heart's set on a graphite, Dan Craft has great blanks. Fiberglass? Try Lamiglas.
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    If you built your own, then it really is yours! Plus the skills learned makes it easy to repair. When I do a built I try and pick up extra parts to keep on hand, then if a tip top goes or a guide get smushed it is no big deal to fix it.

    Makes for one less thing to worry about.
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    I started building my own rods about a year ago. For me it was all about saving money and getting a finished product that I would actually be happy with. You can choose what ever components you want, which is nice.


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