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  1. Redington Red Fly2

    Looked at the 7` 4` 4 weight rod at a store. Felt real good. Anyone fish one of these?

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    Should be 7' 6" 4wt Hello

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    Hi Tim,

    We run the Forum Fly Shop and are one of the largest Redington dealers in the country. I cast this Red.Fly 2 (in a 5wt) next to the Redington RS4, Redington CPS, Sage VT2, and Sage Z-Axis while field testing last year. The Red.Fly 2 was very impressive, a smooth, responsive, powerful, and easy to cast rod. I knew how impressive the Sage's and the CPS were already, but the Red.Fly 2 really amazed me, for the price and a lifetime warranty.

    I am very surprised how few people on this forum know much about Redington or have ever cast their rods. Of course, I knew very little until a few years ago, when I started buying some Redington closeout gear. After fishing Orvis gear for 20+ years, Redington opened my eyes that there was higher quality gear at a better price. To date, I have not found any company that packs as much performance bang for your buck than Redington. Of course, we have a lot of loyal Redington fans at the shop. I have gotten several friends started into fly fishing and have put each one of them into the Red.Fly 2 Rod.
    Todd Mikesell, Owner
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    Hi tim,

    I have not cast the Red Fly 2 but it looks like a lot of rod for $99. Todd at the Forum Fly Shop sells a lot of Redington rods and I think you would like it. If it felt good at the store I would go for it.

    If you buy $100 from the Forum Fly Shop the shipping is free. You also get a 21 day trial period. If you don't like it, send it back. All your money will be refunded.


    RedingtonRed Fly 2

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    I don't know much about the 4 wt but last year I picked up a Redfly2 9' for an 8wt. as a backup rod for a bone trip & I liked it so much I used it all week & put the old Powell away.. My buddy tried it & he went out & got one when we got back so I don't think you can go wrong buying one.......

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    I have used redington rods in the past,and liked them. Thanks for the feedback all. Tim

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    Love Redington! I don't think you can do much better for the money, although Albright is a good value also...
    "The solution to any problem -- work, love, money, whatever -- is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be." - John Gierach

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