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    Default Am I the only one?

    Am I the only one who didn't love the Fenwick Aetos? I grew up fishing fiberglass rods and am now returning to the sport 20+ years later. I thought I'd update my gear and picked up an Aetos 905 because it got rave reviews all over the 'net and I found one used in great shape, for 50% of the retail price. I cast it in the yard for a few days and then took it fishing. In both scenarios I did enjoy it when casting anything over 25 feet. However, at anything closer, which is where a lot of my actual fishing happens, it had all the sensitivity of a canoe paddle. I have read that these rods load better with a heavier line (I was throwing Rio Gold) so maybe that was part of my problem. My theory on that is, if I wanted a rod to handle like a 6wt, I'd buy a 6wt!

    So I'm wondering, should I stick with glass rods or do the moderate action graphite rods offer some of the same casting qualities? I'm interested in graphite for the weight-saving aspect. After all the body-surfing I did in my younger days, my rotator cuff isn't what it used to be

    Cheers! Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Am I the only one?

    I can't speak to the Aetos, never even seen one much less cast one. As to your question, I guess it depends on what you mean by "casting qualities". If what you mean is a rod that flexes deeply, then, while it's hard to make absolute statements as there are tapers across the "fast-slow" spectrum in both fiberglass and graphite, I think in general you'll find that glass rods are more likely to have the attributes that you're looking for. That said, given your shoulder issue, I suggest trying some other moderate graphite rods before giving up on a graphite (we may not have the same tastes, but I started with faster graphite, then fished a lot of glass rods before discovering/deciding that moderate graphite best suits my stroke). In particular, check out the Redington Classic Trout. While I don't have experience with the 9' 5 wt, I own and have cast some of the lighter weights and think they are quite nice--and they are even cheaper than the Fenwick! I don't know if $200 USD is your budget (just guessing based on the price of the Fenwick Aetos), but if you would be OK with a 4 wt (or lighter) and can spend more the Douglas Upstream is a very light, full flexing rod. If you find that graphite just isn't for you, I think you'll find that in general today's glass rods are lighter in the hand than those you fished with 20+ years ago. The Fenwick Fenglass costs about the same as the Aetos (I think it lists for more but can usually be found for less) and the Echo River Glass and Redington Butterstick II both list for $250 USD. Good luck to you.

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    Default Re: Am I the only one?

    You didn't say what length and weight Aetos you purchased. You are in luck there are a whole slew of medium action rods available to you, The Redington Classic is considered a better rod for the money and if you want to spend even more Scott, Sage, and Winston along with others are available.


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    Default Re: Am I the only one?

    Quote Originally Posted by brownbass View Post
    You didn't say what length and weight Aetos you purchased.are available.
    Yes, he did. 905 is 9'0" five weight.

    I'd try a different line before another rod. Rio Gold isn't my favorite for fishing close in.

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    Default Re: Am I the only one?

    I agree with redietz that a different line might make the rod better. On that kind of rod I tend to overline a couple weights for close fishing, which is most of the time.

    I found that shorter rods hurt my shoulder much less and have almost abandoned my 8.5' & 9' rods for old 'glass in 7.5' 6-7wt. Even an 8' 8wt hurts less than a 9' 5wt after a couple hours. The longer lever that throws farther is also a longer lever prying on the joint. The heavier lines also get the fly out there with less work, for me.

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    Default Re: Am I the only one?

    I have 13 rods (none what you would call "high end") and my 6 wt Aetos is probably my best all around (if I could only keep one rod for all my fishing, fresh and salt, that would be the one).

    However, my brother was visiting and I let him compare two 6 wts: the Aetos and a really cheap 2-piece LL Bean Quest that I think I paid $50 for. He far preferred the Quest. Different strokes for different folks.

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    Default Re: Am I the only one?

    This is great feedback, thank you very much. Trev, your analysis about leverage and longer rods makes a lot of sense to me. I certainly take that in as I'm shopping for a new rod.

    Any suggestions for lines that work well in close, or should I just dig through the Fly Lineforum?

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    Default Re: Am I the only one?

    Can't help you with the Aetos as I never casted it but, a few graphite rods I have had or continue to use that might be up your alley are the Orvis Superfine (carbon/graphite flavor) or the Allen Heritage series. I have found that both rod series are full flex and very capable at very short range out to 50-60' without over-lining the rod. For the lowest price it is hard to beat the Redington Classic Trout which is a graphite rod that many people endorse, if you hunt the sales you can usually get them for around $100.

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    Default Re: Am I the only one?

    Not identical as I have the the 10' 3wt Aetos.

    I absolutely love it for the application I use it for. It's my main nymphing and swung wet rod. Mostly small stream stuff in close.

    I do prefer my 9' 5wt LL Streamlite Rod for drys and heavier streamers. The distance afforded by the 5wt might be more to play than the rods' actions.
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