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    Hi Y'all,
    New to this site, been lurking for a few days though. In the market for anew stick, broke my 8 wt (screen door) 2 weeks ago. I thought I had narrowed things down to TFO TiCRx, sage launch or LLBean Orion. Have not been able to test cast any of these, not available locally. Went into a local tackle shop at lunchtime today, they have a very small fly rod section and we end up in the parking lot with a Diamondback Flawless ( a 6 wt was the only one in stock) and the thing feels Great. I never even considered this brand and was really shocked by it's performance. The shop is going to try and get an 8wt to try. I was very impressed and this rod has jumped to the top of my list. Any input on this rod or on Diamondback in general would be appreciated.


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    I've been using Diamondback Aeroflex rods for several years, and think they
    cast well. I briefly owned a Diamondback Americana 8wt, but sold it due to
    a sore shoulder (not the fault of the rod). If the Flawlass is equal to, or nicer
    than the Americana, I'd say grab it. The Americana was closer to Diamondback's bottom, but it was light, well built, and cast great. You could
    probably get an Americana 8wt 3-pc for a song, and the Cortland Factory
    store is likely to have Aeroflex 8wt's at prices you wouldn't believe! Call them, and ask.

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    I have a 2/3 wt that I bought from a guide at a good price. He didn't care for the rod, I love it. Gills, small stream trout, it's great; I have caught some large fish on it and can't say enough good things...My $0.02 worth.


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    The rod's performance for you sounds like a win, but I've heard reports of Diamondback being in financial trouble. I'd say there's a much better chance of the other mfg's you mentioned being around if your rod snaps 3 years from now.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Hi Cliff,
    As far as I know, Cortland owns Diamondback 100%. They have the same phone number, and the same people answer for each company .

    The Diamondback models have changed substantially in some cases, and
    some rods have simply been given a new name. It seemed like Cortland was
    going to dump the brand altogether, but the addition of the Flawless would
    indicate they giving it a shot.

    When I spoke to the Cortland/Diamondback repair department, the guys told
    me they still had plenty of sections for Diamondback Aeroflex rods. In fact,
    the guys at the Cortland store had "tons" of Aeroflex rods for sale, and they
    haven't made that model in years.

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    Thanks Guys, good points all. I never really considered what would happen if they went belly up. Did a little reading and the Flawless actually won The Editor's choice award for 2008 at Fly Fish America mag and this year was rated one of the top 4 in its price range. Bottom line, the 6wt was really nice so now I need to decide between it and the 8wt. I am going to cast an Orvis trident TLS 8 wt tomorrow, This is an older model Orvis but is brand new with warrantee card. We'll see how it handles.

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