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Thread: 9’6” 4wts?

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    Default Re: 9’6” 4wts?

    All this talk has me thinking about the Sage X 597. I had my new Recon 966 out yesterday on my home trout tailwater. Was really impressed with the way it handles nymph rigs in the wind and how easy it was to mend and pick up line! Now I generally don’t like fighting butts on trout rods, but in fighting and landing a stout, 16” rainbow yesterday, I liked being able to prop the rod butt against my belly while fighting that fish! Because most of my tailwater trout fishing is done on a long leader NZ style rig, I think a 9’6” 5 wt may be a better alternative to the 9’6” 4. I just don’t like the 10’ rods much. Have had a few, and they were just awkward. I am not into the euro tightline thing on open rivers. I do tightline on freestone streams fishing the pockets. I have 8’6” and under 4 and 5 wt rods for that stuff.

    All that said and would be interested to hear some folks’ input on the 597X and the 955 Radian rods!

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    Relative to the original poster's inquiry, I would also be interested in any feedback on the St Croix High Stick Drifter. I have looked for reviews on the 9'6" 4 wt but have only seen a few reviews/comments on the 10' model. I have a 10' 3 wt for tight line nymphing that I like and wanted to compliment it with a 9-9'6" 4 wt for more sensitive indicator fishing than with a 9' 5 wt. Never having seen or thrown the St Croix, I was wondering if this would fit the bill. Based on the rod specs, my concern is the rod weight at 3.5 oz which seems heavy for this type of rod.
    Any comments/thoughts would be appreciated.

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