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    need some input, please. i am looking for a 7wt 9.6 rod for steelhead and smallmouth in ohio. being as i will only use it about six times a year, i don't want to dump a lot of money into it. someone suggested the redfly. anyone have experience with these rods. thanks.

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    Hi Rapman,

    We are a Redington Dealer and manage the Forum Fly Shop on this site. I have a lot of experience casting the Red.Fly 2 rods. Last year, I took six 6wt rods out to cast them side by side. These included my Z-Axis, a Sage VT2, Sage FLi, Redington CPS, Redington Red.Fly 2, and Ross Essence FW. This helps me compare responsiveness, action, feel and other subtleties of the different rods we carry. I came away extremely impressed with the Red.Fly 2and commented to my buddy "wow, this is one heck of a rod for the money." This is a smooth, powerful casting rod that is fairly fast, but with a nice power flex. I threw some extra casts with it that day and it was a pleasure.

    Since then, I have brought a few friends into the sport, and I put each one of them into the Red.Fly 2. When you consider the Lifetime Warranty, nice Redington rod tube, and the quality of the rod itself, this is very tough to beat. I honestly didn't know much about Redington until a couple of years ago when I started and was picking up a lot of closeout equipment. I bought some Redington gear and was really amazed with the quality they produce at each price point. When I started to add dealerships, they were the first company I went after. I have not found any manufacturer that produces the quality and bang for your buck that Redington does. They are a first class company and provide exceptional service as well. A lot of fly fishers have never been exposed to Redington (like I wasn't), but the ones who have will be the first to tell you it's great gear for the money. Personally, I do like the 9674 (9'6", 7wt, 4pc) for steelhead. The extra length helps a lot with mending line and roll casting.

    We do have these rods in stock, and you can purchase them at the lowest price (with Free Shipping) right on this site. Even better, it helps to support this terrfic forum. Everything ships from the Forum Fly Shop within 24 hours. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to speak in person. My number at the shop is 937-434-8472.
    Todd Mikesell, Owner
    Check out the New NAFFF Fly Shop at Forum Fly Shop! - "Fly Fish the World With Us!"

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    Hi Rapman

    I owned a redfly2 8wt 9' 2pc and it was a pretty fast action and cast great. The only complaint i had was the guides were not made for salt and did not hold up well. After 2 seasons the guides were corroded to the point that the ceramic fell out. I always hosed it off after using it too. Should be great for freshwater.

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