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Thread: Green Hornet

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    I have a Wright & Mcgill "Green Hornet 2,-H-7'". Near as I can figure out the 2 indicates a 2 piece rod, the H is the weight and the 7 is the length. Now here is my question what weight line is H? The information I have found to this point says it would normally have some other letters associated with the H, and it does not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone

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    You might get the answer by contacting the company

    Wright & McGill Company

    4245 EAST 46TH AVENUE


    phone: 720.941.8700

    fax: 303.321.4750


    good luck hope this helps
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    Is there not another letter after the "H"? Here is what a 1 second google seach pulled up. This was the first link shown, I went no further, you may want to google it.

    Wright & McGill Green Hornet Fly Rod [Archive] - Tennessee's Fishing and Boating Community

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    Nothing after the H. I did the same google search, that helped me figure out the "Green Hornet" part. I also found some info on the alpha ratings but I guess I didn't understand the system. I have had this rod for years, in fact I had put it away so well it took me a year to find it, lol. To be honest I am not certain I have ever fished this rod. I have owned some others, and I believe this rod came to me through a family member from Longview Texas, long since passed. I have an atraction to unique items. I kinda thought it would be fun to get it set up and use some and let my son learn on my other rod. Some day I will own a nicer rod, but for me I guess it's all about getting out and using what I have and enjoying it. Thanks for the help.

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    If it's just an "H" it probably refers to a level line (they were inexpensive and popular back in the day).

    The "H" would be a 2 weight. This is pretty light for an old rod, but at 7 feet it certainly could be. If you can, try casting a borrowed modern 2 weight line on it to try it out to see how it loads the rod. If you have a buddy that has a 2 weight line that would be perfect, if not, if there's a fly shop near you and you could try it out before you buy, that would be great. The reason I'm suggesting this is because 2 weights were fairly uncommon compared to 6 weights for example. Does it seem like it could be a 2 weight?

    In a double taper 6 weight for example, the old school designation would be HDH, where the thin diameter part of the taper at either end of the line would be diameter "H", and the belly of the line would be the thicker diameter "D". So if there's a chance any of the letters got rubbed off it might look like an "H" (modern 2 weight) when it's really something else.

    If you have any other fly lines like a 5 or 6 weight for other rods, you could try them on the rod, (take it easy on the blank) and see if it seems like the line is way heavy. If so, then it's more than likely a 2 weight.

    If all else fails, the folks at fiberglassflyrodders - Message Board - Yuku could probably help you out, or you could contact Wright McGill.

    Hope this helps. Sounds like a great piece of history you have there. It'll be great to get it out on the water. Good luck with it!


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    Hi KRD,

    "Then there would be a third letter for DT or WF line. Thus, a rod with "HCH-HCF" would be a 7wt: HC means 7wt, and the third letter in each group signifies the DT or WF line".

    Thanks for that link. I think the above statement needs a little clarification. The third letter in the three letter designation identifies the size of the running line. It is true that you can tell if the line is a double taper or weight forward line but that is not what the third letter was for.

    Back in the early 50's when the best line around was the Newton silk line. I would buy a HCH fly line and cut off the front HC line section and splice on the E running line. This gave me two weight forward fly lines for the price of a double tapered line and the running line. It worked good but nothing like the great tapers we have available today. Even that far back I used Pliobond to seal the splice.


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    I emailed Wright and Mcgill today, hapoefully they can answear my questions. I have looked at the rod to make certain what it says, kinda thought I was missing something, there is no room for markings to have ever been there. There are dashes between the 2 and the H and the H and the7'. When I started trying to figure it out I found the alpha rating chart and thought it was possibly a 2 weight. But, like you said it just doesn't seem right given the age of the rod. I am hoping Wright and Mcgill gives me an answear other wise it is to the store I go. Thanks for the imput on the alpha system.

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    in case you missed it in your line thread....

    Your rod is most likely a model 2GH-7
    a 2 piece,Green Hornet- of 7'
    The GH has nothing to do with the line size .... it's just the model
    The line weight lettering would have followed the model number..
    except ....there were some Green Hornets that didn't say.
    But......nearly all those rods were 7wts
    but...., yours is the shortest of the series
    It may be the exception to the rule and be a 6wt
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    Default Re: Green Hornet


    I gotta complement you, you answer with authority. You have an amazing depth of knowledge about rods & lines.


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    Re: Green Hornet

    Just don't expect me to know anything about modern rods and lines
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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