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  1. Default GLoomis GLX Native Run rods.

    A few days ago while visiting one of our local fly shops,
    I had the opportunity to cast one of the Native Run GLX rods.
    The rod was a six weight strung with a Wulff triangle taper
    floating line. Not only was the rod good looking but it would
    cast like a dream. The rod had a stiff taper and a medium to
    fast power curve. The furniture on the rod was top knotch.
    We put the rod through its paces with every cast in
    the book. It roll casts with little or no effort, and long casts
    are a piece of cake. Very impressive. The biggest drawback to
    the rod is its price: ($650.00) bucks. Ouch. Also had an
    opportunity to cast an extra stiff nine weight Sage (CRS the
    model) also strung with a Wulff triangle taper line. You talk
    about having to work to cast this stiff rod. Holy ****. That
    thing will bring tears to your eyes. Fishing that rod all day
    long would kick your arse. Well, nuff said. Cheers to you all.


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    Default Re: GLoomis GLX Native Run rods.

    Had a similar experience casting the Loomis "XPERIENCE" 9wt. About $300.

    Anyone else heard scuttlebutt about Gary Loomis coming out of retirement?

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