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Thread: Nymphing for information...

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    Well, It's come time to sell my favorite fly rod ever... actually I need to sell everything that's not bolted down. Unemployment has struck me, and a man has got to feed the family. I bought a brand new Winston Im6 8' 4wt "Tom Morgans Favorite" the original one, #84, from the proceeds of my first job about 21-22 years ago. This rod has landed a 27.5 inch Rainbow on the Henrys Fork with 6x. I hate to let it go, but I must. My question is whether or not this original limited edition 60th anniversary Winston is sought after these days. I need to either come up with a price, or put it on e-bay. Can anyone help me figure out how to maximize my return on this??

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    First off, let me wish the best in your future as these are tough times. And welcome to the forum, I hope you will stick around.

    I would check the 'Winston Forum' (on there website) and ask there. I would certainly think that rod would be a highly prized item for the collector.

    If I had the cash to spare I would most definately be interested.

    By the way I think my wife hooked and lost that monster on the Henry's Fork about 5 yrs ago. I've never seen that large a fish in the Ranch before. Geez that was a BIG FISH!!!

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    Thanks for the suggestion! I caught that fish in between the lodge and the parking area downstream during the green drake hatch... saw her rising, and caught her with a size 18 hares ear That fish took over a half hour to land... she kept running towards the slow water, and back to the faster... by the time I released her, my wet wading-22 year old hippy-looking aS& had wet armpits and a crowd to cheer me on. Good times

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    Which Lodge? Does it give ya shivers looking back at the experience?

    My wife hooked her monster below the Ranch main parking lot, just at the top of the first bend. That fish went downstream, surfaced twice (just long enough to see how big it was.) and just kept on going. That was the first and only time that I've ever heard my wife 'cuss like a trucker'. lol

    Do you get to the Fork much?

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    You know, I can't remember the name of the lodge. It's the old A-frame in Last Chance... the one with the best breakfast on earth. However, I haven't been there in eight years or so... I used to live in Jackson hole, some summers in Swan Valley on the South Fork. I live in San Francisco now, and have been trying to explore the Sierras.

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    Ahhhh, your talking about the A-Bar, I spent many a night in there (probably too many. lol) and met many good people. The building is still there, but after Helen passed away, it only lasted a few more tears before it was closed. As far as I know the original bar with all the silver dollars is still there. Hell we've probably been in there at the same time.
    That breakfast was really good, I've not been anywhere else that fried a pile of mashed potato's, slapped a gob of butter on em and called them breakfast taters.

    Thanks for bringing back some good memories.

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