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    I have not long had my first fly rod I am used to surf casting with the big cast where as with this I cannot get the fly to do what I want you only cast from the shoulder right and it is wrist action as well i take it,a bit frustrating but thats the fun of learning

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    I understand your frustration, I think I was born with a 10ft Lami surf rod in my hands. It took me a while to stop trying to muscle the fly out there. To be honest with you, I still catch myself doing it. Try to forget everything you know about surf fishing and let the rod do the work. There is no strength involved, its all timing.
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    I taught flyfishing for many years,swirlchaser told you"let the rod do the work" he's right when you feel the rod working you'll win the game...if you can find someone to hold your hand it'll be better,I mean try to find someone to help you,ask him to stand behind you,hold your hand to guide you to find the good timing with not too much line out and without taking line out of the reel...that's the first step.Hope you'll find other members of this forum and I think there are specialists who will give you better explanations or maybe one who lives in your area who may give you a helful hand.

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    Take a look on Youtube, do a search for fly casting, there are some great videos on how to cast a fly rod. Here is one by Tim Landweher from Midwest Sportsman. YouTube - Tight Lines-Learning to Fly Cast Part 1


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