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  1. Default Need help from Orvis rod users

    I've been lurking here for sometime enjoying your thoughtful comments and now I have a question of my own. I recently broke a tip on an Orvis Silver Label TL 5wt 9.5 tip flex 2 piece. Orvis amazed me with their service. They told me that they would fix it in 3 to 6 weeks, but when I called them to confirm the receipt of my rod they informed me that they had sent me a TLS 5wt 9.5 tip flex 2piece. I am out of town so it will be several weeks before I get a chance to cast this new rod. I believe from my conversations with the Orvis reps that they might let me upgrade if I so choose. I haven't found any Orvis dealers anywhere near me that had more than one or two rods, so it looks like casting before I buy is out of the question.

    I havent been able to find much chatter on this board or any where else about the TLS series. I was thinking about maybe upgrading to the T3. A 6wt rod might fit better in my arsenal. I need a rod for LMB and trout. I have a 2wt, and a Clearwater 5wt. I also have a 9wt. I'm thinking that I might prefer the 7.0 to the 9.5, but maybe the 9.5 would be better for streamers etc. Any advise on Orvis rods would be greatly appreciated....Thanks

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    Default Re: Need help from Orvis rod users

    rustyhook: I have a 5wt Orvis TLS in a 9.5 tip flex. I bought it primarily to cast in the high winds we usually have here in WY in the spring, but it also casts streamers very well. I really enjoy fishing with it. If I didn't have the wind to deal with I would prefer the 7.0 flex as I like the feel of the casting stroke on that flex better. I agree with your thinking, you might be better off with the 6wt and the 9.5 tip flex for LMB/trout. I primarily fish nymphs and dries, but this last weekend fished streamers on the South Fork of the Snake River with forum member Davo (he is a fly fishing guide out of Jackson Hole, WY). We fished from the South Fork Lodge all the way down through the canyon section about 23 miles. He fishes with the T3 rod, send him a PM if he doesn't see your post and ask him what he thinks about the T3. I have never cast the T3 so I can't give you an opinion, but I can vouch for how Orvis treats their customers when they have rod problems, that is the main reason I fish Orvis rods. Good luck.


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    The TLS series is a substantial upgrade from the Silver label line-up. Like you, I received a TLS replacement rod for a broken Silver label (it was 10 years old at the time of the accident). I have never owned a T3, which would be the next step up from the TLS. However, it is my understanding that the T3 would give you an improvement, but it might be only a small increment. When I upgraded from Rocky Mountain and Silver labels, I purchased Zero Gravity rods (9wt and 5wt) (the immediate forerunner to the Helios), and these rods give you a significant improvement when casting and fighting fish. Of course having said all of that, my last purchase was a 3 wt. Superfine rod.

    I do not believe that Orvis will let you trade up to the T3, but I could be wrong. I think that letting people trade up would be too tempting for some.

    I do not know if a T3 would give you any real advantage in 5wt; I think the improvement would be most evident in higher weight rods. My 5wt Zero Gravity is better than my 5wt TLS, but my 9wt Zero Gravity is head and shoulders above my 9wt HLS (of course the TLS should be better than the TLS).

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    Default Re: Need help from Orvis rod users


    I have never cast the TLS line. However, last year I broke an old HLS 4 piece 6 wt, the rod was old enough (19yrs) that Orvis sent me a T3 4 piece 6 wt in it's place. I'm sure what they have sent you is the current comparable rod to your old out of production rod or better. That is what is so great about the Orvis.

    That being said I fish nothing but streamers with my T3 4 pc 6wt midflex 7.0. I have no complaints. The bottom ferrel started to come unwrapped and is in the rod shop right now. I caint wait to get it back. Some of the large streamers I like to throw are just a bit to much for my client rods. For my clients I have Clearwater II 6 wt 2 pc mid flex 6.0. They do fine for large dries and nymphs as well as medium sized streamers. When I throw weighted double bunnies the rods struggle a bit. The T3 handles them no problem. Hope that helps.
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    I bought a TLS 8.5', 2pc, 4wt, mid flex during Orvis's buy a rod get a free reel sale. I've only used it a bit out of my pontoon as a second rod with floating line but so far l'm quite happy with the TLS. I bought it more for fishing the local rivers but that will have to wait for the winter run off to settle down a bit first. I'm only beginning my second fishing so I really don't want to start trying to analizing the particulars of a fly rod but I did like the feeling of the TLS over the T3 when doing the "wiggle test" at the Orvis store. The flex of the TLS just felt better in my hand than that of the T3 in the same configuration. The T3 was a bit out of my price range so I'm sure that played into my decision as well but so far I'd give the TLS a thumbs up.
    I also agree, you can't beat Orvis customer service.
    Hope this helps a little with your choice

  6. Default Re: Need help from Orvis rod users

    Guys......thanks so much foryour help. I'm hoping that I'll find some of these rods to cast, but if not I'll just take my chances. Can anyone critique the difference between the 7.o flex and the 9.5 flex?

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    The ~7 flex rating is what most people would term a medium or medium fast action rod, and the ~9 is a fast action rod. Just as Orvis indicates, the ~7 is more versatile and forgiving, and it protects tippets better due to the increased rod flex. I find the ~7 flex a great choice for a wide variety of fishing conditions. It can cast near and far, and it can cast close with greater accuracy and delicacy for the average caster. The ~9 is built for distance casting, which I do not consider a 5wt. to be well suited for in the first place.

    The ~7 would be the choice of most casters in a 5wt, but if you like the feel (quick short casting stoke that involves better timing on each cast) of the ~9 - buy it.

    A fast action rod does not seem to add any distance to my cast. I can cast my ~7 9wt up to 70 ft (usually about 60 ft) with a single back cast (no single or double haul). Is that good or bad - I am just throwing it out as a point of reference.

  8. Default Re: Need help from Orvis rod users

    Hello again.....sorry about the long time between replies, but I have just returned home after six weeks to find my new rod waiting. Orvis sent me a 8 1/2 ft 2 piece TLS 5wt 10.0 tip flex. I didnt even know that they made one with a 10 rating. I figured I would use this thing as a bass rod. I have an old 5wt WF line on it now. I'm thinking that a heavier line size might be better. Does anyone have any recommendations? Im trying to get used to this rod. I would like to use it for larger bass flies. Thanks

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    i have the pre powermatrix. its a trident tls 7'11" 4wt. it may be the best rod i have ever fished.

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