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  1. Default fibreglass fly rods

    i bought two fibre glass fly rods at a yard sell. I am trying to find out some info on them. one is a south bend 8 ft the code number is 1-420-280 with a 129 on the back side I need fly line for this one I was thinking it was a 4 wt but it did not feel like it liked that weight . The other one is ultra fast hurricane glass rod 7.5 model 475 I thought it might be a 4 or 5 weight but the lines feel a little light on this on too. any help would be greatly appreciated craig

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    Default Re: fibreglass fly rods

    The South Bend 8'er will likely need a 6 wt. line. I use 6 wt. lines on my Shakespeare 7'9" glass rods (similar vintage to the South Bend rods) and they work fine, in fact that's the line weight that was recommended when my rods were new. I'd also recommend that you use a Double Taper line on that rod, since, for me, vintage glass rods don't cast as well with Weight Forward lines as they do with DT lines. But, that may simply be my own personal preference.

    I'm not familiar with hurricane glass, but I seriously doubt that there has ever been an ultra-fast glass rod; particularly if it's a vintage glass rod.

    Modern glass rods, unless they're composite glass/graphite rods like some of TL Johnson's models, are made of either E-glass or S-glass. E-glass, a lower modulus glass, tends to be slower action. S-glass, a higher modulus glass, tends to be faster. But, neither of them would be called fast compared to a fast action graphite rod like Sage's Z-Axis model.

    I'd try either a DT5F or a DT6F on the hurricane glass 7'6"er. If you go ahead and purchase a DT6F line for the South Bend, then you can try it on the hurricane glass rod and see if it takes you in the right direction.

    Good luck!

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