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    Default Slow action 8 weight

    For what sort of fishing would a rod like this be used?

    I came across an old Browning silaflex rod and a southbend 1110 reel that I "guesstimate" to be from the 1960s. The rod didn't have markings but it throws an eight weight line well. It's definitely a slow action--big, heavy, limber.

    I'm in Kansas and fish warmwater. Locally, there's easy access to LM Bass, wiper/hybrids, and various rough fish. Pike and trout come into play on vacation trips.

    Any ideas on how to use this rod?

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    Default Re: Slow action 8 weight

    Slower action rods often do well at throwing big bulky flies. This is part of the concept behind Sage's BASS rods: A very heavy front weighted line bends the rod deeply and makes turning over sparrow sized flies simple. A SA Headstart line with 2-3 feet of the front taper cut off would be a cheap version of that rig.

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    Thanks, Cliff.

    I suspect this rod was used for bass bugging, and that fits with what you say. I'm sort of thinking about using it that way myself.

    The thing I need to do is buy a decent fly line. The one I have isn't very good.

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    Default Re: Slow action 8 weight

    I have an 8wt Orvis Golden Eagle (Phillipson blank) that throws hairy bass bugs like a rocket launcher. (It was purchased by my father-in-law to be used as a salmon rod)
    The trouble is that the rod weighs in at 7 1/2 ounces
    Combine that with a reel heavy enough to balance it out and you need to be a weight lifter to cast it for any length of time
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    I've got a Bass Pro cheapie as a backup that is most certainly a slow action rod and that's just how I fish it. Slowly and with a linear application of power through the casting stroke. Too much power in a nonlinear fashion and I get tailing loops all over the place. It does turn over 5-6" saltwater flatwing deceivers very well though!

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