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    Default Post Turkey Day Swap Winter 2010

    This swap was for flies for trout and or panfish. Thanks to all that participated.


    Red Head Green Weenie Tied by Webrx:


    Extra Crispy
    Tied by ArfishinBear:

    Crackle Back
    Tied by Quackhead35:

    Little Yellow Bug
    Tied by Brandy:

    Madame X
    Tied by peregrines:
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    Default Re: Post Turkey Day Swap Winter 2010

    Excellent Flies everyone!

    I actually got out for a couple hours today and took a nice rainbow on Bear's Extra Crispy - I gotta get me some of that golden brown ice dubbing - I think the fish were chomping at the bit for it. Too bad I waited until I was almost out of time before I tied it on.

    gonna hit pyramid thursday I hope, unless work gets in the way - taking all these with me. I am thinking I am gonna use em to try and hook me a nice Lahonton Cutthroat.

    Good job everyone.


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    Default Re: Post Turkey Day Swap Winter 2010

    Wow...quality flies....thanks everyone!!

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