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    Default Caddis Swap Winter 2010

    All things caddis

    McPhail's Elk Hair Sedge
    Tied By Kerry Pitt

    Elk Hair Caddis
    Tied by Luked

    Caddis Larva
    Tied by Cicvara

    Bead head Caddis Larva
    Tied by McNerney

    Barr's Net Builder
    Tied by Hyrgrnd

    Cased Grannom Larva
    Tied by Rip Tide

    Caddis Emerger
    Tied by ChrisinselwynNZ

    X Caddis
    Tied by Brandy

    Marabou Caddis Pupa
    Tied by Futuramille

    Pupa with CDC
    Tied by Webrx

    Egg Laying Grannom Caddis
    Tied by peregrines
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    Default Re: Caddis Swap Winter 2010

    Some Great looking Flies

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    Default Re: Caddis Swap Winter 2010

    more beauties

    outstanding flies


    the universe in a drop of water

    Norta Mudzoory

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