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peregrines 03-06-2010 11:20 AM

Mouse Swap Winter 2010
Rodents for big trout, bass and pike. Thanks to all that participated.

White Bellied Mouse
Tied by Fish_Gypsy

White Lab Mouse
Tied By Diver Dan

Check out these beady eyes!

Tied by 2Paws River

Muskrat Mouse
Tied by Joni

FISHN50 10-24-2012 09:57 AM

Re: Mouse Swap Winter 2010
I just found this thread. Last year I had tied up a bunch of mice flies for a trip to Chile & they were dynamite. The large trout ate them like candy. All you had to do was throw them alongside a cliff face & they would barely hit the water before a fish would grab them. It was like they were waiting for them.
At the lodge we stayed in, they had the tables set up for breakfast with the coffee cups upside down on the tables. It was irresistable. I put a few under the cups at other tables & waited for the reactions. It was funny as heck. The best was when one of the young non English speaking waitresses was set up by one of the other waitresses & when she turned over the cup to pour coffee she freaked, dropping the coffee pot & standing there with a look of horror until she saw everyone laughing. She was told it was me & said she'd get even
( translated ). It was an icebreaker & for the rest of the stay I was looking over my shoulder. We became fairly friendly with her & the staff & she never really did anything to get even. Needless to say I tipped her well when we left.
On the same trip we were using dragonfly & damselfly flies, along with Chernobyl ants when the sun was out. The trout would follow them around under the water & sometimes when they hovered a trout would come out of the water 2 to 3 feet to grab them. It was wild. It was dry fly fishing at it's best.
Large fish & large flies that even I had no trouble seeing.


mcnerney 10-24-2012 11:39 AM

Re: Mouse Swap Winter 2010
Neil: Great story about Chile and especially about the prank you pulled on the waitress. :D

What lodge in Chile were you using?


FISHN50 10-24-2012 06:22 PM

Re: Mouse Swap Winter 2010
We stayed at the Yelcho Lodge on Lago Yelcho. It was my bucket list trip but I'm planning on returning there in 2014. It was too great of a trip to only do once...


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