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    Default Basic Box- Trout Fly Swap

    Here's a good start on an all around assortment for a trout box.

    A great job by the tyers!

    Crayfish imitation from Packfanjh

    Milkweed Streamer by Pocono

    Prince Nymph by Flytying_Neal

    Royal Wulff by Flyfishnflowers

    Blue Dun by ChrisinselwynNZ

    Emergent Sparkle Pupa by Brandy

    Foamy by Hyrgrnd

    Sulphur Emerger Soft Hackle by Greenwood

    Griffith's Gnat by Webrx

    Adams by Futuramille

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    Default Re: Basic Box- Trout Fly Swap

    great stuff, i mean excellent flies
    so many fine looking bugs
    all good

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