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Thread: Kid's Fly Swap

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    Default Kid's Fly Swap

    A great job by some of our younger tyers!

    Thanks to all the kids that tied up these beauties.

    And a big thanks to the fathers, mothers, uncles and grandpas that also added their flies so all the kids got a great bunch of flies.

    Woolly Bully
    Tied by Micajah (youth member "Jupiter") and Hyrgrnds's grandson
    Age 9

    Bass Streamer
    Tied by Nathaniel (Futuramille's son)
    Age 12

    Griffith's Gnat
    Tied by Caiden ( Boser's Grandson)
    Age 7

    Tied by Chase (Flytyer_Neal's son)
    Age 9

    Pink Foam and White Leg Bug
    Angelica (Brandy's daughter)
    Age 11

    Pink and Purple
    Giovani (Brandy's son)
    Age 8

    Blood Midge
    Chris (Webrx's son)
    Age 8

    Mickey Finn
    Tied by Kyle (Sperrywater's son)
    Age 8

    Tied by Chris (Sperrywater's son)
    Age 11

    And saving the best for last, here's one from our youngest tyer:

    Green Weenie
    Tied by Jack (Sperrywater's son)
    Age 5

    Thanks again to all the kids for an excellent job and to all the adults that helped
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    awesome flies.. except the last one did not come thru.. looks like the "h" in http is missing.. :-)

    Im thinking I might have to let my grandson have a crack at the fly tying vise.. :-)


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    Default Re: Kid's Fly Swap

    congrats to all....great job kids!

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    Default Re: Kid's Fly Swap

    Here's the missing one

    Great job to all the Kids


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