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    Default Panfish and Bass Swap, Spring 2011

    Thanks all participants, a great looking bunch of flies.

    More recipes will be posted for flies on Monday.

    by Swirlchaser

    These are tied on Size 1 hook

    Swirlchaser writes:

    " I tie these flies with mono because they get thrashed pretty hard.
    1. Tie in bucktail and Flash at the bend of the hook (length is your preference)
    2. Tie in hackle at the bend and wrap forward (I tie it in by the tip so the longer fibers of the base of the feather end up near the eye of the hook).
    3. Tie in your foam 1/8" from the eye. Leave approximately 3/16" hanging over the eye.
    4. At this point you need to bring the thread to the bend of the hook working through the hacklesop you don't lay it down.
    5. Tie the foam down at the bend of the hook and tie off.
    6. Fold the foam forward and tie down at the eye. I put some wraps on and whip finish UNDER the foam heads so they stand up. Cement and go fishing!"

    DH Streamer
    by Mudbug

    SimiSeal Leech
    also by Mudbug (see videos in post below from Mudbug for tying instructions for both of his flies)

    Cat's Whiskers
    by Flytier07

    Hook: 2 or 3xl Long shanked hook size 8-12
    Thread: Red
    Tail: White marabou tips
    Body: Green chenille
    Rib: Copper or red wire
    Wing: White marabou tips

    Rubber Legged Woolly Bugger
    by khl

    Size 8 TMC 5263
    Danville's 210 Denier Flax Waxed Nylon
    0.015" lead wire wrap - wrapped the whole shank
    5/32" countersunk brass bead
    olive marabou
    gold holographic flash
    medium wapsi woolly bugger chenille in olive (CWB089)
    black hackle
    orange and black rubber legs

    Merlino's Fire Tiger
    by Tyler185

    Hook: TMC 600SP 1/0
    Thread: Danvilles 210 denier waxed flymaster plus
    Eyes: Medium sized yellow barbells
    Legs: Orvis sexi black & white barred
    Tail: Tiger barred black/orange over yellow rabbit strip
    Wing: Orange & yellow marabou
    Flash: Pearl Flashabou
    Throat: Orange raccoon
    Topping: Chartreuse raccoon

    * A piece of mono was tied in at the bend of the hook for a foul guard.

    Shannon's Streamer
    by Stl_Geoff
    (see Geoff's post below for video on tying instructions)

    Bumble Bee
    by Famil00

    Hook: Mustad streamer hook size 10
    Thread: Black 6/0
    Body: Foam spider body and yellow and black chenille
    Legs: balsck rubber

    Lite Bright Leech
    by Carman9941

    Foam Beetle
    by peregrines

    Hook: 2 or 3xlong size 10
    Thread: Black 6/0
    Foamshell back: 2mm orange, cut to hook gap width, and about 2 shank lengths long, tied in rear 1/2 of hook, excess left trailing off rear of hook, (it will be pulled over after underbody is wrapped)
    Underbody: Peacock herl (peacock colored cactus chenille used here)on rear 1/2 of hook
    Shell back: foam pulled over and tied off at 1/2 point of shank, leaving excess pointing towards front of hook ( it can be dotted with permanent magic marker if desired after fly is completed).
    Legs: 1 centipede leg cut in half. A 1/2 centipede leg tied is tied in at midpoint on each side of shank to make 4 legs.
    Wing post: optional, but increases visibility, tuft of white poly or acrylic yarn
    Thorax: Small section of foam back tied down, excess foam trimmed
    Head: Black thread

    Fire Tiger Hollow Fleye
    by peregrines

    A short shank Eagle Claw 254 Size 2 saltwater hook used here
    Thread: Danville Flat Waxed Nylon used here because of it's strength since you'll want to crank down on the bucktail
    Body is built using successive bunches of bucktail tied in tips forward, then tips are swept back and locked in place with thread.
    See step by step here: Hollow Fleye

    This fly was built in 4 bunches:
    from rear
    1st bunch: yellow was tied in on bottom of shank, chartreuse on top
    2nd bunch: repeat above
    3rd bunch: Orange bucktail on bottom, yellow on sides, chartreuse on top
    4th bunch: Black bucktail
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    Default Re: Panfish and Bass Swap, Spring 2011

    Very cool stuff, I can't wait.

    Tying instructions for both my flies can be seen in these videos.

    [ame=""]Diamond Hair Streamer[/ame]

    As simple as it looks in the video, I actually struggled with parts of mine. Mostly getting the eyes to stay put.

    [ame="]Simiseal Leach (Mine is actually a soft hackle SSL)[/ame]

    The difference with mine is that I added a soft hackle collar. I recieved one like it in a swap awhile back and I loved it. It seems like suck a great idea and it really catches fish. Not just bass or panfish, but trout gobble them up also.

    I submitted two for a few reasons. First I wasn't completely happy with my DH streamers. Even after tying 12 of them I think I still have work to do. I think I may try using a different glue on the head, something like softex or flexament. Also, they are pretty big and I didn't want the panfish people left out, also, I'm just pretty much enthused with the SHSSL (Local speak for soft hackle simi seal leach)

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    Default Re: Panfish and Bass Swap, Spring 2011

    Here's an article with recipe on how to tie the Streamer I sent in;
    Shannon's Streamer, An Adventures In Fly Tying Video From Fly Fish Ohio
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

    Storm Drain Bonefisher

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    Default Re: Panfish and Bass Swap, Spring 2011

    Thanks guys for the tutorials!

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