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    Default Small Trout Streamer Swap, Winter 2012

    Thanks to Pab1 for suggesting this one-- it took awhile to get all the entries in and we had one mishap with the postal service, but hopefully it was worth the wait-- Nice job on the tying guys!

    Tied by Pab1

    Dai-Riki #710 Size 8 (1X Strong 3X Long)
    Metz Black Conehead 3/16"
    Ultra Wire Brassie Copper
    Pine Squirrel Zonker Natural
    Ice Dub Orange
    Note from Pab1: One thing I usually do when fishing these is trim the bottom portion of the collar back so the ice dub is more visible. With the small hook the squirrel covers the dubbing when wet. I have also caught plenty of trout on them without trimming the dubbing so who knows. I hope they work as well for you guys as they have for me!

    Tied by S fontinalis
    Mighty Dub Cat

    Hook: Size 10 3769 or your favourite nymph hook
    Tail: White Arctic Fox
    Rib: Chartreuse Ultra wire (Small or Brassie Size)
    Body: Chartreuse Senyo's Lazer Dub
    Wing: White Arctic Fox
    Head: 5/32" Tungsten Bead
    Note from Eunan: The original pattern calls for marabou wing and tail, gold rib and fl yellow or green chenille body. You can also use beadchain for eyes rather than a bead head.
    I've used this pattern effectively in the following color ways for anyone who wants to tie a few more themselves
    All Olive
    White with chart
    White with yellow
    White with orange
    Black with chart
    Black with yellow
    Black with orange
    I've also seen them tied with Pink body too.

    Tied by Mudbug
    Marabou and Mallard

    Tied by Pocono
    Milkweed Fly

    Hook: Daiichi 2220 size 14
    Thread: White Danville 6/0 for body, black for head
    Tail: Wood duck flank fibers
    Rib: UTC small, flat, silver tinsel
    Body: Flat silk #237 Orange
    Throat: Wood duck flank fibers
    Wing: White marabou

    Tied by Arooostookbasser
    Kennebec Charlie

    Tied by Smalliesrule
    Vanilla Ice

    Tied by Famill00
    Conehead Mini Rabbit Strip Leech

    Tied by Mcnerney
    Egg Sucking Leech

    Hook: Partridge D3ST size 8
    Thread: Orange 8/0
    Rib: Small gold wire
    Tail: Varigated Brown/white Marabou
    Body: Mohair yarn

    Tied by Latshki
    Larry the Lobster

    Tied by Gatortransplant
    Baby Bow Streamer

    Hook: Allen Streamer size 10
    Base: White Kraft fur
    Wing: Chartreuse bucktail under blue bucktail
    Collar: Chartreuse marabou underside oh hook, blue marabou top side of hook
    Eyes: Jurassic eyes

    Tied by Dean_mt

    Tied by Stimulator2
    Cat’s Whisker

    Hook: Tiemco 300 size 10
    Thread: Fire orange
    Tail: White marabou with Krystal Flash
    Body: Chartreuse chenille
    Wing: White marabou with Krystal Flash
    Head: Fire orange thread

    Tied by peregrines for flytyer123

    Hook: Mustad 79580 size 12
    Weight: 16 turns of .015” diameter nontoxic wire
    Thread: Black Danville 6/0
    Tail: Black marabou with a doubles strand of red Krystal Flash along each side
    Body: rear 4/5 of body black mohair, front 1/5 of body a couple turns of Black Senyo’s Laser Dub.
    Head: Black thread
    Pick out mohair and dubbing with Velcro, bodkin or dubbing brush

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    Default Re: Small Trout Streamer Swap, Winter 2012

    Great looking small streamers everyone!

    Mark: Thanks again for hosting the fly swap!

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    Default Re: Small Trout Streamer Swap, Winter 2012

    Looking good! I'll be checking the mailbox...

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    Default Re: Small Trout Streamer Swap, Winter 2012

    Great looking streamers i'll be waiting on those.

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    Default Re: Small Trout Streamer Swap, Winter 2012

    Man! I can't wait to get these guys in! We've had high clear water for a couple of weeks, and for me that spells streamers.
    These all look great.

    thanks for letting me tie along


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