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    Default Steelhead Fly Swap 2015 Photos

    Here are the photos and recipes from the 2015 Steelhead Fly Swap.
    Thanks again for everyone that joined in on the steelhead fly swap and the awesome patterns you guys and gals tied up!

    Note: If you haven't posted your recipe for your streamer please do so I can update this thread.

    By Sumojo: The Flatwing Steelhead Fly:

    Pattern recipe:
    Hook: 8
    Thread: 6/0
    Platform (tail base): White Calftail/Kiptail
    Tail: 1 green saddle tied over 1 slightly shorter white saddle feather
    Dubbing: Ice dubbing - pheasant
    Throat #1: White Calftail/Kiptail
    Throat #2: White Marabou feather wrapped
    Wing: 1 Blue saddle tied over 4 stands of krystal flash , over 10 lavendar bucktail hairs, over 10 white bucktail hairs

    By Pjcalla: The Petticoat Streamer


    Pattern recipe:
    Hook: Allen SS001 #2 hook
    Thread: UTC 140 purple
    Tail: Purple arctic foxtail
    Underbody: red mylar, wrapped with 15# mono, then coated with Silvercreek's uv resin
    Flash: two strands on each flank.
    Body: UV Polar Chenile (fuschia), purple marabou in dubbing loop.

    By Lake flyer: The Orange/Blue Intruder

    Pattern recipe:
    Wire shank- looped at both ends- made using bent stainless wire .029"
    Thread- Black
    Prop 1- Blue Ice Chenille- tied as a ball
    Prop 2- Blue Saddle
    Tail- Blue Marabou
    Flash- Blue Krystal Flash four strands-
    Shank- Blue Krystal flash- six strands tied back and forward to cover the shank to the next prop.
    Prop 3- Orange Ice Chenille- tied as a ball
    Prop 4- Orange Saddle
    Wing- Orange Marabou
    Flash- Blue Krystal Flash four strands
    Topping- Golden Pheasant Tail Fibers four fibers
    Collar- Mallard Flank
    Stinger hook looped on with 20# Spectra braid- I do this last attaching a loop of spectra tied to the hook and loop it onto the back loop of the shank
    I don't weight my intruders so keep that in mind if you are trying to fish this deep.

    By Itchmesir: The John Barr Bouface Streamer

    Pattern recipe:
    Hook: #6 3xl curved, Allen
    Thread: 210 Danville black
    Bead: 4.8mm hot pink brass bead
    Body: two toned rabbit strip purple/hot pink
    Flash: pearl
    Under/over wing: black marabou
    Collar: AZ Simi seal black

    By Theboz: The Orwell Creek

    Pattern recipe:
    Hook: Size 4 Eagle Claw wet
    Tail: Fishair, black
    Rear Egg Sac: Blue chenille, medium
    Body: Orange chenille, small
    Wing or veil: Hot pink marabou
    Collar: Fishair, black
    Thread (head or front egg): Orange Gudebrod 6/0
    Note: After building up head use several coats of Sally Hansons or Clear Cure to make it shine.

    By S_fontinalis: The Green Butt Skunk

    Natural (undyed) and Chartreuse Ring neck --- these feathers really take the color well

    Pattern recipe:
    Hook: Alec Jackson 2050 #3
    Tail: Golden Pheasant dyed Fire Engine Red (Jacquard dye, custom job by me)
    Body: Rear quarter: Hareline Micro Polar Chenille - Chartreuse (available from J Stockard), rest of body is black seals fur
    Rib: Uni Mylar in silver #14
    Hackles: 1 Turn of ring neck rump dyed Chartreuse (Jacquard dye, custom job by me), under 3 turns of ring neck rump dyed black (Jacquard dye, custom job by me)
    Wing: White Calf tail

    By Repperson29: The Blood Dot

    Pattern recipe:
    Sz 12 nymph hook
    "Egg" glow bug yarn
    "Shrimp pink" glow bug yarn
    210 denier hot pink thread
    Easy peezy, like I said they're simple but effective.

    By Kayo: The Steelhead October Caddis Wet Fly

    Pattern recipe:
    Hook: TMC 7999 #6
    Tail: Golden Pheasant Crest
    Body: Orange Angora
    Rib: Holo Gold Tinsel
    Hackle: Wood Duck Feather
    Wing: Bronze Mallard

    By King Joe: The Hot-Headed Hares-Ear Nymph

    Pattern recipe:
    Thread: black
    Hook: standard nymph, size 8 (steelhead)
    Tail: black goose biots tied opposing to flay them out.
    Abdomen: black hare’s dubbing with red flash-a-bou ribbing
    Thorax: black hare’s ear dubbing with about 12 strands of red flash-a-bou for wing case. For these ones, I used red Krinkle Flash for the wing case. Black hare’s ear dubbing collar
    Head: hot orange…typically 3/32.

    By Mridenour: The Comet Variant

    Pattern recipe:

    Mike: Please send me your fly recipe, thanks!

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    Default Re: Steelhead Fly Swap 2015 Photos

    Great job guys....thanks Larry for hosting the swap I know it's not all always easy

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