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Thread: International Swap #2 Summer 2010

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    Default International Swap #2 Summer 2010

    Here you go folks-- we had some drop outs for this swap, but some nice flies were sent in-- thanks to Chris for suggesting this one.

    Brunton #2
    Tied by Chrisinselwynnz

    Hairy Dog (a bonus fly also tied by Chris)
    Tied by Chrisinselwynnz

    Rabbit Strip Streamer
    Tied by 2Pawsriver

    Micro Leech
    Tied by MacFly55

    Hook: TMC 200R # 14 (could be a 12 if needed)
    Thread: Black 8/0 UNI
    Head: 1/8 " gold
    Tail: Black Marabou
    Body: Peacock Herl (3 - 5 strands)...
    Tying Instructions:
    1. Tie in the Marabou leaving it longer than what will be the actual length .. then the gold wire and the herl..
    2. Wrap the herl forward and tie it off behind the bead..
    3. Counter wrap the wire ribbing and tie off at the bead..
    4. Whip finish.
    Note: Since the herl is longer than needed you will need to trim it. Instead of cutting the herl to the length of the hook pinch it off and "tear" it to make a more natural look.. I also found that if you want to cut it length you can still give it a rough more natural look by doing light pinch and tears of small pieces at a time.

    Black Bertha
    Tied by Ant

    Elk Hair Caddis
    Tied by Boser

    Houghton Lake Special
    Tied by Boreal

    Magic Brownie
    Tied by Didgeridoo

    Hook: Tiemco 9395 Size 8
    Tail: Tuft of Brown rabbit Fur
    Ribbing: Gold or Copper wire
    Dubbed Body: Stillwater Solutions Sparkle Blend Dark Red Brown
    Wing: Tuft of Brown rabbit fur that extends to tail
    Throat: Short tuft of Brown rabbit fur
    Head: Bead chain eyes with Rust Orange Diamond dubbed head
    Notes from Didgeridoo: This pattern resembles either a leech or a minnow. If tied correctly, when wet it should taper into a minnow shape. This pattern is great for trout and has proved itself to be very effective for brown trout, hence the name. In Stillwater situations, use with intermediate sinking line for best results.

    Blue Dun Wet
    Tied By Pocono

    Hook: Mustad S80-3906, #8
    Thread: Danville Flymaster 6/0, adams gray
    Tail: Mallard primary feathers, paired
    Body: muskrat dubbing, lt. Dun
    Rib: Danville fine wire, silver
    Throat: Hen cape, med. Dun (Herbert Miner)
    Wing: Mallard primary feathers, paired

    Queen of the Waters Wet
    Tied by peregrines

    Materials in order of tie in:
    Hook: wet fly Mustad 3699A size 10 here
    Thread: Black Danville 6/0
    Tail: Natural Mallard Flank fibers
    Rib: Extra small gold tinsel, flat
    Body Hackle: Light Ginger rooster saddle
    Body: Orange floss
    Wing: Natural Mallard flank, rolled
    Note: There are many variations out there for tying this old pattern, including no without tail and/or rib, and using hen hackle instead of rooster
    Last edited by peregrines; 09-22-2010 at 10:31 PM.

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    Default Re: International Swap #2 Summer 2010

    Hi Mark,

    Another fine batch of flies for the participants. Nice work fellas

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
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    Default Re: International Swap #2 Summer 2010

    Very nice, and very fun to see. Thanks for showing the flies.

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    Default Re: International Swap #2 Summer 2010

    Nice work guys

    The other one is a hairy dog

    "the fight is for habitait. Once its continuation is assured the fish will largely look after themselves." KD

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    Default Re: International Swap #2 Summer 2010

    Thanks for posting, Mark. And thanks for running this second International Swap for us!

    These will be fun to fish!


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    Default Re: International Swap #2 Summer 2010

    WOW, Mark, we have some really great flies. Thanks for hosting this swap. If I keep enetering the swaps I may get as good as some on this BB. Thanks to everyone who took the time to tie for this swap.

    The fly Rabbit Strip Streamer
    Tied by 2Pawsriver
    is really sweet.

    Best Regards, Boser

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    Default Re: International Swap #2 Summer 2010

    Oops my bad, I just added a pic of MacFly55's Micro Leech into the first post in this thread because I screwed up the first upload. Sorry John!

  8. Default Re: International Swap #2 Summer 2010

    n/p Mark... gives me an exscuse to look back at all the flies again... amazing work for sure..


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